Bag of Randomness

  • If I were to guess what Dallas Cowboy would become a television personality that dressed eccentrically, I would have guess either Michael Irvin or Deion Sanders, but Daryl Johnston has proven me wrong.  Moose makes the late Muammar Gaddafi’s outfits look straight lace and conservative.
  • It was nice watching a playoff game hosted in San Francisco, I forgot how the lighting on the field changes as the sun sets and a large shadow is cast on the field.
  • The way the Saints started down by 17 points reminded me of the 21 deficit the Cowbys were in about twenty years ago in the NFC Championship game.
  • Pregnancy-brain has made WifeGeeding’s unable to remember where she last placed her mobile phone.
  • While driving by Vista Ridge Mall I noticed a shirtless man standing in the grassy median of the road doing nothing but curling and military pressing dumbbells next to a sign touting his personal fitness/training company.  Nice gimmick,.
  • Perhaps if that personal trainer needed to find motivation to get people to run, he could try this technique. [Thanks, David!]
  • Despite all my friends always wearing hats, I’ve never liked them.
  • I caught a little of the Miss America Pageant on Saturday night as the Broncos were getting killed and noticed one contestant was very well tanned, but the spray on tan wasn’t applied to her underarms.
  • During the talent portion of the pageant, little facts of the contestants were scrolled on the bottom of the screen.  I think it was Ms Oklahoma that stated she reads the Declaration of Independence every July 4.  That answer seems like it was made up to try to glamour her up.
  • The headlights on my car were looking pretty old and I’ve noticed they aren’t that bright at night, so I decided to try some Rain-X Xtreme Clean to restore the headlines and it worked better than expected.  The folks at my oil change place wanted to charge me $40 per headlight but I only paid about ten bucks for my bottle.  Application was rather easy, I just applied it with a wet detailing sponge using small circles, let it set, scrubbed some more, then wiped clean.
  • For my fellow 30 Rock fans – 15 Greatest 30 Rock Pop Culture References
  • In 1911, “Ladies Home Journal” predicted what life in 2011 would be like
  • I went to dinner on Friday night with several of our church friends and I hard a wife just rag on her husband, and then during Sunday school she was ragging on him for the same thing.  It really made me sad, but thankful at the same time my wife is good at knowing there’s a time and a place for such things.
  • During Sunday school a video was shown and the speaker talked about a particular moment about the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, being in the Oval Office.  I thought was weird because being the fan of presidential history that I am, I know that the first West Wing Oval Office was built by the 26th President of the United States, Howard Taft.  But upon further inspection, it turns out that many presidents used the Yellow Oval Room as an office in the executive mansion.  It might also be worth noting that Lincoln spent a lot of his time at a cottage down the road from the White House.
  • I did a Google search for “Oval Office” and one of the top results was for a place in Green Bay, which made me wonder if there was some sort of museum about the White House in that football community.  Upon further inspection, it’s a strip club.
  • A sea turtle tried to swallow a blow fish, but the blow fish decided to puff up inside the mouth of the turtle and get wedged.  Luckily they got some help (be sure to click though the pictures at the bottom).
  • According to the TSA, $409,085.56 in change was recovered at security points in 2010.
  • The Day MLK Died: LIFE’s Forgotten Photos at the Lorraine Motel Unearthed
  • A bold move by Hyundai . . . they guarantee a lifetime warranty for their hybrid batteries.  I wonder if this still applies if you buy the car used?
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