Bag of Randomness

  • I’ll be in Austin all this week, so there’s no telling what you are going to get out of me regarding posts this week.
  • I’m traveling alone to Austin, which means I have total freedom on what eatery I want to choose to dine at in the evening.
  • Dining alone doesn’t bother me.
  • The Food Network once featured Man Bites Dog in an Austin segment, I think I’m gonna try this one out.
  • I’ll also have to find a good BBQ joint, other than the Salt Lick.
  • NYE at GeedingManor was like it was almost every year, WifeGeeding asleep and me watching TV.  But his year I had it on PBS.  Yeah, that’s right, I know how to party.  Actually I watched Austin City Limits for the first time, and not only was it live, but somehow they booked Coldplay to bring in the new year.  I’m not much of a Coldplay fan, but it was a nice performance.  I did find it funny that the lead singer didn’t know that midnight already passed (it happened during the middle of one of their songs) and just kind of started a countdown out of nowhere.
  • It was weird not seeing any major bowl game on Jan 1.  I know, when Jan 1 falls on a Sunday they aren’t usually played, but it was still weird.
  • But it was even weirder to me to see not one bowl game on one of the major stations on Jan 2.
  • I heard Bobby Bowden interviewed on the radio and he said no one cares about bowl games anymore, just the BCS National Championship game.  I couldn’t agree more, and it’s just another reason why college football is a joke.
  • Life was better when all major bowl games were played on Jan 1.  Bowden in his interview mentioned that in his day only four bowl games were played and they were all on January 1.  Off hand, I’m guessing they were the Rose, Cotton, Sugar, and Orange?
  • In the Rose Bowl, Oregon wore some really awesome helmets that looked silver metallic and reflective.  I’ve seen that kind of helmet before on display in Valley Ranch during interviews with Jerry Jones, but never on the field.
  • Leslie Stahl interviewed Majority Leader Senator Rep. Eric Cantor on 60 Minutes (Watch it here).  It was stated that Cantor wanted the interview to soften his image and to show that he wasn’t “no compromise” person as many would think.  There was one awkward part of the interview that really stood out.  Stahl was stating how Reagan was a hero to Cantor and how he compromised and even raised taxes, as Cantor started to reply his press secretary interrupted from off camera and told Stahl that wasn’t true.  Not only was Cantor’s press secretary wrong (for both interrupting the interview and having his facts incorrect), but I found it odd to be questioning Stahl who was the CBS White House correspondent during the Reagan years.
  • When I got my oil changed I was told that I needed to replace my upper and lower radiator hoses.  The hoses themselves only cost about $15 a piece, but they wanted to charge about $71 an hour for labor.  I really like and trust these guys, but I thought I’d change the hoses myself with the help of BibleScholarGeorge.  Once we removed the hoses and inspected them, we found they weren’t cracked or worn.  I was tempted to take the hoses back to the auto shop and ask them why they thought they needed to be replaced, but BibleScholarGeorge and I both concluded that they would just come back and say that it was just ‘recommended’ based on the age and mileage of the car and perhaps they miscommunicated when they first told me.
  • With the hoses off, we went ahead and replaced them with the new ones, in case you were wondering.
  • I think I’ve only replaced the cabin air filter once or twice.
  • The Cowboys haven’t had any moxie for the past decade.
  • It’s Celebrity Week on The Price is Right.  Here’s a clip of Snoop helping out a contestant.
  • A news story that might impact us locally: Expert: Wastewater well for oil and gas drillers triggered minor earthquakes in Ohio
  • Past Republican winners of the Iowa Caucus – Since 1972, the Iowa caucuses have been the first major electoral event of the nominating process, and since that time, only Bob Dole and George W. Bush won both the Iowa Caucus and the national nomination for their party, excluding the years for a sitting president of course.
  • Congrats to OSU and loyal reader Brett.
  • Oh yeah, happy new year.
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. AndreaJN says:

    Try the County Line for BBQ in Austin.

  2. dan says:

    At the start of the Eric Cantor story on 60 Minutes I thought they were just doing a general story providing background on an important Republican leader. But then it sounded as though Cantor and the Republicans reached out and requested the story because all of the heat they have been taking over being combative rather practical in their dealing with the White House. That really came out when Cantor's press person couldn't just let Cantor handle a question without jumping into the interview to argue with Stahl. I think Cantor should have and could have stood up for himself. By the end of the segment the impression I had was a clumsy attempt to spin and control the media but which devolved into attacking a reporter when it was perceived the story wasn't coming out the way Cantor's handlers wanted it to. I didn't think anyone was still in denial that Reagan raised taxes.

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