Bag of Randomness

  • My wife didn’t understand how I was able to give our kid baths so quickly . . . she obviously haven’t read Cheaper By The Dozen.
  • While eating at the Coppell Chicken Express, I noticed the Coppell male varsity basketball team got their team photo take outside the AAC holding the NBA championship trophy.  That’s pretty cool that the Mavs were willing to let a local team do that.  I hope other local teams got the same opportunity.
  • First World Pain while at Chicken E – having tender just out of the fryer and ready to eat fries . . . I like to eat them together, and having to wait on fried food to cool is an eternity.
  • Extremely deadly Christmas:
  • I didn’t realized that the Texas state senate declared Grapevine the “Christmas Capital of Texas.”
  • I bet being a Christian in Nigeria is MUCH different than being a Christian in Texas.
  • Obama’s job approval ratings are ‘surging’, unemployment is droping, and sales this holiday season have been very high – it’s a long way to November, but the Republicans don’t look like they have anyone that is going to be a real contender.  But like I said, it’s a long way until November.
  • The New York Times took some actors with great films this past year and put them in little famous horror shorts.  For instance, Brad Pitt as the Madman, Rooney Mara as Alex from ‘‘A Clockwork Orange”, Gary Oldman as the Menacing Dummy, and George Clooney as Captain Bligh.  Check it all out here.
  • CBS has a bunch of commercials this holiday season with a nice jingle that went “J-I-N-G-L-E . . . bells.” It’s been stuck in my head non-stop.
  • A horse racing track in Santa Anita is allowing those on site to place bets by a mobile phone app – that’s genius thinking.
  • I caught Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade over the weekend and spent some time reflecting on the spiritual imagery towards the end of the film as Elsa took the grail past the seal, when she was instructed not to.  I wonder if Spielberg and Lucus was trying to cast a parallel with that to Eve and the apple from the tree.
  • I again reflected upon some spiritual imagery on the scene right after that when Indy is hanging on only by his father’s grip trying to reach for the grail, only to be instructed by his father to let go.
  • I always thought that actress that played Elsa would go on to play greater roles.
  • I consider the Last Crusade to be the greatest of the Indiana Jones films, and I refuse to believe the Crystal Skull was ever made.
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. AndreaJN says:

    I agree about the Crystal Skull… just pitiful. But I think Raiders is the best of the three real Indiana Jones movies 🙂

  2. dan says:

    Keith, I think you chose wisely in picking The Last Crusade as the greatest of the Indiana Jones films. I guess the actress who played Elsa must be a good actress, I thought she was a German born actress until I learned she was actually born and raised in Ireland. She married an Irish news executive and took an eight year break from acting to raise their two children. She's separated now and back into acting. There is no better authority than Shia LaBeouf regarding the quality of The Crystal Skull. He describes the movie as a horrible piece of trash. He puts the blame on himself.

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