Bag of Randomness

  • I saw the First Lady give a preview of a holiday season decorated White House and I don’t know if it was what she was wearing or what, but she looked absolutely beautiful.
  • I think the White House hit a home run with the Gold Star Families Christmas Tree.  Gold Star families visiting the White House can write messages on golden colored star ornaments to military loved ones and hang them on the tree, and anyone visiting can write a note to be sent to members of the armed forces.  Video
  • I always like how First Families include their pets as part of the White House, and this year kids can try to spot hidden Bo’s included with the festive decorations.
  • Every year there is a massive gingerbread representation of the White House, as festive as that might be, I always thought that was excessive and a waste.
  • This man took a self portrait photo with a polar bear.
  • College football fans rant and rave about how every game matters, but that argument is a bunch of crap when you take into account that LSU and Alabama will more than likely play again, meaning that game they played back on Nov 5 didn’t really count.
  • I’ve never seen the movie Scrooged with Bill Murray, but that might change this year.
  • Carlos Mencia has been one of the most despised men in stand up because he’s stolen from a bunch of other comedians, but per this article, he took that criticism to heart, thought therapy, and lost 70 lbs, but I can’t find out how he lost the weight.
  • Remember that tear jerker of a video I posted earlier this week of those beagles seeing the outside for the first time?  Time magazine has a few more details.
  • Funny comic about the Star Wars scene these are not the droids you are looking for.
  • A young Scott Pelley reporting for our local ABC affiliate sporting a mustache.
  • Chrome Overtakes Firefox Globally for First Time – Last week I actually made Chrome my default browser.  Actually, I’m now interesting in a Chrome Book.
  • I wonder if Blake Griffin drives a Kia around L.A.
  • Pregnancy is a whole lot like Advent.
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  1. Ben says:

    Carlos Mencia was recently on Adam Carolla's podcast, and said that he lost the weight through diet and exercise, with the help of a nutritionist and trainer.

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