Bag of Randomness

  • I always thought DFW Airport was extremely well designed for the traveler.  That thought occurs to me every time I drop or pick someone up.  Signs are well placed to know where to drive to each terminal, with arrivals are on the lower level, departures on the upper.  But the new Terminal D is as confusing as all get out.
  • NPR had a great interview with the man that does the voice of Elmo as there’s some sort of documentary out about him.  I found a few things interesting.  Behind the stage for the Muppets, all the puppeteers sit on wheeled ottomans to move from place to place, and with all the hours of being crouched down, there’s a bit of a physical toll in which certain exercises are prescribed to help the body manage.
  • The most annoying thing about visiting a new doctor is filling out the same information on several forms, not to mention writing insurance information down when they make a copy of your insurance card.  I’m surprised medical professionals don’t have an encrypted website you can visit before your appointment where you can just enter all that information once, and that data goes to the appropriate databases or forms.
  • You know, that’s probably a good money making idea.
  • Smart phones and Wi-Fi has changed my viewing habits for the worst.  I can’t watch television or a movie at home without looking using my laptop of smartphone at least once.
  • My wife has a condition called “pregnancy brain”.  I was able to diagnose this when she put an empty tea pitcher back into the fridge yesterday.  But hey, I love her, and til death unto us part, or something like that.
  • I heard a girl talk the other day about some of popular girls in high school have all of a sudden friended her on Facebook (or whatever the correct social network term is) even though they were snobby to her when they were in school.  There was something in her tone that was just very snarky, judgmental  and unforgiving.  And then it hit me, I too hold grudges on people for actions they did 20 years ago.  That’s not right, people change over the years, and I need to give them the benefit of the doubt.  I would hate for people to not give me a fair shake over something I did 20 years ago with an immature mind.  People can change over time, there’s no telling what has happened in their life.
  • I use to find Katie Couric alluring, but now she’s annoying to me.
  • The Republican presidential candidates use to be unified, not attacking one another and only focusing on bashing the current Commander in Chief, now they seem to be turning on each other quite a bit.  It sure would have been interesting if Sarah Palin was in the mix.
  • The Russian billionaire that owns the New Jersey Nets is now running for president of his home country.  I think he’s been hanging out with Donald Trump too long.
  • CEO pay jumps 36.5%
  • Heck of a headline: Woman Stabbed by Anger Management Classmate Files Lawsuit
  • I never had a Christmas stocking when I was a kid.
  • I was once fooled into believing I saw Rudolf one night, but it turned out only to be a red blinking light on a radio tower.
  • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Poster Debuts
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger is in the new Expendables 2 movie trailer.
  • Submit a photo, and body shops bid on work.
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  1. dan says:

    " I’m surprised medical professionals don’t have an encrypted website you can visit before your appointment where you can just enter all that information once, and that data goes to the appropriate databases or forms. "

    I went to a doctor in the last month who had such an on-line database. I filled everything out at home and walked straight into the exam room.

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