Bad Day to Skip Class

Sarah Minor picked the worst day to skip class.

At 1 p.m. Tuesday, her father, Tech. Sgt. Chuck Minor, stood in the hallway outside her UNO classroom.

He shook his head. He tried to force a smile.

He wore the frustrated look of a man who very much loved his 18-year-old daughter, and who also felt a little like grounding her until she qualified for Social Security.

Minor had just flown for 36 hours, from Iraq to Kuwait to Germany to Baltimore and finally to Omaha.

He had done so in secret β€” scheming for a week β€” so he could surprise his youngest child just after she took her seat in professor David Peterson’s freshman-level poetry, drama and film class.

He was home from the Iraq War.

One teensy problem: Sarah wasn’t here.

β€œShe’s at Chipotle,” her stepmom, Sherry Minor, reported after a surreptitious text conversation.

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