Bag of Randomness

  • Football is better with Mike Leach, I just wish he was on a bigger stage.
  • I think Newt has more fight in him than Romney.
  • Remember that teen-age boy group Hanson?  They are now selling their own beer called MMMHop.
  • Spielberg is working on a Lincoln film with Daniel Day Lewis, who looks a lot like the 16th president.
  • National Geographic has an interesting read on the King James Bible.
  • Michelle Bachmann thought there was a U.S. embassy in Iran.
  • With central banks stepping up their game across the globe, I expect the economy to pick up, maybe not a lot, but I do expect it to pick up.
  • Cable News Ratings: Top 30 Programs For November 2011 – The top 13 all belong to Fox News, which tells me the liberal media may not be as liberal as people make it out to be, especially of you consider talk radio.
  • 12 most profitable cars
  • Bono was on The Daily Show last night, I acted like a high school girl that just saw the Twilight cast.
  • When most top executives leave or get fired, they usually have some kind of big payout package, but the recently let go chief executive of AMR got no cash severance and no long-term incentives.  It’s like he’s . . . one of us.
  • I don’t like it when I see restaurant advertise they serve Blue Bell ice cream.  I go to restaurants to eat things I can’t get at home, I can buy Blue Bell at any grocery store and take it home.
  • I’m not much for tablet computing (blogging requires a comfortable keyboard) but I like how a friend described the Amazon Fire, it can do 70% of what the iPad2 can do, for 40% of the price.
  • I had to stop watching Storage Wars, there’s something about knowing people benefiting off others’ possessions because they couldn’t afford storage payments is a bit unsettling to me.  But if you are into that show and live in Texas, the Texas version premiers this Tuesday.
  • However, I did watch an episode of Lady Hoggers on A&E last night.  WifeGeeding just couldn’t understand why the women dressed they way they did when they went hog hunting.
  • A Scenic Tour Of Toxic Sites Across America
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