Bag of Randomness

  • I always hear how great the St Patrick’s Day parade is in Lower Greenville, but I think the Parade of Lights in Fort Worth is pretty darn cool.  But then again, I haven’t been to either.
  • I fried my first turkey this year, all because of an infomercial . . . that’s right, I used a Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer.  And it turned out pretty darn well.
  • This was my second year to brine a turkey.  I found this sweet tea brine that made it pretty darn flavorful, but after my experience with the brine, I think I’m just going to go back to using butter.
  • Random keyboard shortcut: Hitting [Backspace] and [Ctrl] will delete the last word you typed.
  • Gingrich/Romney 2012?
  • I was on reading an article about politics when a pop-up video ad about being Mormon started playing.  Man, they come to my door and now they are invading my web-surfing space . . . they’re everywhere!
  • I’m not much for Black Friday, but I might pull the trigger several times on Cyber Monday.
  • That Small Business Saturday sure is a good idea.
  • It’s a darn shame the Longhorns and Aggies won’t play again, but I hear Jerry Jones is doing what he can to get those two schools to play again at Cowboys Stadium.  The only issue is that the game couldn’t take place as it traditionally does on Thanksgiving, given that the Cowboys always have a home game on Thanksgiving.  But then again, for a while the Aggies and Longhorns played the day after Thanksgiving.
  • Of the 118 games played in that series, the Aggies only won 31.4% of the time.  With that kind of winning percentage, I’m not sure you can legitimately call it a rivalry game.
  • Someone chastised me for calling A&M a second rate university, but I guess that person didn’t get my tongue and cheek humor or know much about the start of A&M’s animosity towards UT.
  • Heck, I attended Hardin-Simmons and only wished that university was half as prestigious as either of those fine institutions.
  • A&M has lost to five Big XII schools this year and will be playing in the best conference in college football next year.  It shall be interesting.
  • If Baylor wants to build that new stadium, now is the time for fundraising and backing as considering how well that team is playing.
  • You can tell Michigan hasn’t beat The Ohio State University in a while with they way they celebrated Saturday.
  • I recall from a Michigan game I watched back in the 90’s that a crane was used to help build their stadium, and since they couldn’t get the crane out of the stadium, they just buried it under the field.
  • Remember that cheerleader that Jason Witten ran tackled on Thanksgiving?  She made some harmless yet playful tweets about the incident, and now it appears the Cowboys made her take her Twitter account down.
  • Let’s hope the Cowboys don’t take that familiar December dive.
  • This guy has found some great imagery on Google Street View.
  • Now here’s an idea for a Snuggie, you can look like Batman.
  • When NASA flies something to Mars, does the spacecraft need to propel itself by fuel all the way or is inertia involved?  This awesome animation of the new Mars rover ‘Curiosity’ made me think of that.
  • U2: A case study in why rock does advent better than Christmas
  • The first beer in space


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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. dan says:

    Darn nice Bag of Randomness today! When listening to WFAA last night, it sounded as though the AD at UT is the main force blocking future UT-Aggie games. The president of A&M was interviewed during the game and he said he wanted to continue the rivalry as soon as UT would agree to it. ESPN said AD Dodds would have to leave UT before they could discuss resuming the rivalry. John McCain was at the game and was interviewed, but I'm not sure what his affiliation is with either school.

    • Geeding says:

      Thanks, Dan. I also saw that WFAA segment last night and I saw McCain was wearing an A&M hat. I'm guessing he was a guest of an Aggie or the George H.W. Bush.

  2. Matt says:

    Texas A&M's president can say whatever he wants on television. The Aggies have no desire to play UT on top of their upcoming brutal conference schedule. There's a reason you see games like Alabama vs. Georgia Southern a couple of weeks ago.

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