Bag of Randomness

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  1. dan says:

    David Copperfield: After Fox did that series on the secrets behind how professional magic tricks are performed I haven't had much interest in magicians.

    I guess I've been totally out of touch; I had no idea Hitzges got married.

    NYC Marathon: The WSJ had an article about people who run in the big marathons without paying an entry fee. They're called "bandits". The entry fee can be as high as $145. One of the bandits referred to in the article was Peter Sagel of NPR's "Wait, Wait. Don't Tell Me", who blogged about it. Some of the marathons have close to half the entrants running illegally.

    With our Cowboy's slipping in competitiveness, I really felt a need to cheer for the Giants to beat the Patriots on the Sunday late game.

  2. Towski says:

    As an Oklahoma State alum, I thank you.

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