Not From The Onion: Family lost in corn maze calls 911

A family from Everett lost in a maze carved out of a cornfield at Connors Farms in Danvers last night called 911 before being rescued.

“I don’t see anyone and I’m really scared, it’s really dark and we got a 3-week old baby with us,” a woman told the 911 operator.

Danvers Police Spokesman Robert Bettencourt emailed a voice recording of the 911 call to the media this afternoon.

“The victim does not want to be identified in any way on this incident and we are respectfully requesting that you honor their request,” Bettencourt wrote.

Connors Farms did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

The family, who said they paid about $15 to enter the tourist attraction, called 911 around 7 p.m. last night, about an hour after the maze closed.

“I just can’t believe they didn’t send anyone to come and check on anybody, the people that run this,” the 42-year-old husband said. “They close at six. We’re the only ones in here.”

The 911 operator told the man not to “let your wife freak out”

The operator then asked the man if he heard police dogs barking and told him repeatedly to yell “Hello K-9” to get the dogs’ attention.

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  1. Big Ed says:

    Can't you just walk through the corn to the outside?

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