Bag of Randomenss

  • I remember a time in which Apple computers were mainly used in schools, and just about every computer at home was a PC because of Apple’s limited software.  I remember just about every computer at college being a PC because if you saved your work on a floppy in the lab, you needed compatible software and an operating system to open your work at the dorm.  I remember when the Microsoft Office suite of software was only available on the PC.  I think along with Jobs’ smarts and vision, he was very lucky to come back to Apple just when the Internet started to become popular where it didn’t matter what operating system was used to surf the web and the willingness of Microsoft to make the Office suite available on the Mac.  I think the one thing that started to really set Apple apart was when it started to focus outside of the computer business when it created the iPod.
  • For about the last four years my alma mater has sent a post card to my dog named Tune (after Bill Parcells) thinking he was my actually child.  Well, that poor dog died at the first of the year.  Now I’m thinking of writing the university telling them to remove Tuna from their mailing list because I had him put to death.
  • I’m really happy that TCU is moving to the Big 12.  They should have been there long ago, and I hope the Big 12, should it survive, change its name to the Southwest Conference.
  • My friend Richard came up with this interesting local sports hypothetical: If the Rangers win the World Series this year…imagine if Mark Cuban won the bidding last year and was their owner.  He wins an NBA title and a World Series in the same year.
    A)    Imagine how crazy that would be, and how megalomaniacal Mark Cuban would become and how revered he would be in these parts.
    B)    Who else in sports ownership could boast of that double dip in two sports, in the same year?
    C)    Would this drive Jerry straight to the asylum?
  • A series of photos Steve took in my office testing Photo Booth filters in 2005. Rest in peace.” –Mike Matas, Mac OS UI designer.
  • ESPN The Magazine has a “Body” issue that feature nude athletes but in positions where you can’t see their privates.  I hear a lot of conservative groups upset at Sports Illustrated for their swimsuit issue, but I haven’t heard any complaints about ESPN.  But then again, I haven’t been listening.
  • My old pastor from my hometown use to burn it the moment that swimsuit issue came in the mail.  Now I understand you can opt out.
  • When I celebrity dies, I really wish the media would ignore anything Westboro Baptist Church has to say.
  • I guess Jesus Ween is a play on Halloween?
  • There’s a missing baby story that is starting to pick up steam.  I haven’t given it much attention, but from the looks of things, I think a lot of folks think the parents are questionable.
  • Three Ontario area churches offered for $1
  • The FCC wants GPS in all cell phones by 2018
  • Two cubs playing on a hammock
  • It will be a very busy sports Saturday.  Texas and Oklahoma will be playing at the State Fair at 11:00 AM and then later that day the Rangers play the Tigers.
  • Texas vs Oklahoma
  • #HookEm

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7 Responses to Bag of Randomenss

  1. Wendell says:

    I sometimes think, only because my wife describes me as such, that I am a kind of techy person. Question is, why do most techies such as yourself prefer other operating systems other than Apple (i.e. Andriod)? Is it the price, availability, the actual system itself, or just he Apple persona that you despise? After finally jumping to an IPhone after using Blackberry for years, I have found (with an Otterbox) that the IPhone in nearly indestructible and have, in nearly two years of use, had an IPhone 3 and 4 without any issues. Either software related or mechanical. I also work in the oilfield, outside everyday in many different and changing weather conditions. That alone made me a believer in the product and now we own two IPads and 3 IPhones in our family.
    I still can't make the switch on the home PC though, nor my field laptop. Only because my work requires me to run Excel. Again, thanks for your blog. It does brighten many peoples day!

  2. theangrypanda says:

    The one thing that set apple apart was their focus on the consumer experience over the idea of overarching software supremacy. While the failure of many companies was to focus on hardware, and Microsoft capitalized on this with their software innovation and monopoly by default. Apple chose a different path entirely, and through their evolution of consumer oriented products, and the advent of the intel-based chipset/logic board, essentially led to quite a decent rise in their market share. Since Jobs retook the helm, apple has been about ease of use, and I think it is that accessibility no matter your age or computer literacy that has allowed them to do so well. On the other hand, I'm not going to act like my father just died because SJ died when everyone knew it was coming if they just paid attention.

  3. Mtoots says:

    Bullet #3…..I TOTALLY agree!! Last bullet point……Not so much! And I KNOW it's a school from my home state…………….but, I just cannot be a Longhorn fan! Maybe it's genetic!

  4. kim says:

    Umm, most businesses used WordPerfect and Lotus 1-2-3 until Windows came out. WYSIWYG Word and Excel on Mac came years before Office. I used Excel and Word for Mac in 1987 because my boss HATED Lotus and was a bit of a nutcase when it came to fonts.

    Also, the first "Office" was for the Mac!

    • Geeding says:

      I stand corrected, Kim, thanks. But one item I tried to convey was that if you saved an Office, Lotus, or WordPerfect file on a Mac, then you couldn't open it on a PC. And I think once that ability became available, that really gave consumers a chance or at least be more willing to try Apple products.

  5. Geeding says:

    I'm actually scared to answer the PC/Mac part of the question 😉 , but as for not having an iPhone, it's simply because I'm a Sprint customer and refuse to ever go to ATT or Verizon because of how I was treated as a customer.

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