Tea Party domain name could make rock band rich

A little-known Canadian band may soon be paid a fortune by supporters of Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann or Rick Perry. More than a decade after their biggest hit, the Tea Party are considering selling the domain name teaparty.com to supporters of the American political movement, with analysts estimating its value at “well over” $1m (£635,885).

For the last two years, the Tea Party has been the most talked about movement in American conservative politics, and a nearly forgotten band from Windsor, Ontario have been the accidental benefactors. Every time anybody searches for “tea party”, one of the top results has nothing to do with pork barrel spending, the federal reserve, or, er, “Obamacare”. Instead, teaparty.com is the website for the Tea Party, a Middle Eastern-tinged band whose last charting single was in 2001. In anticipation of traffic from supporters of the political movement, the band’s website proclaims: “No Politics … Just Rock and Roll.”

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