Bag of Randomness

  • Last night’s storm moved from north to south.  I’m not use to storms in our area moving in any direction unless it’s west to east.
  • I saw a McDonald’s commercial with LeBron in which it keeps stating how he wins things.  All that could go through my mind was how the Mavs kept him from winning a championship.
  • That State Fair of Texas begins tomorrow, I’ve never really understood the allure.
  • Presidential campaigns in our country last wayyyy too long, but I hope they are able to put some folks to work.  People have to make those signs, book events, design websites, shoot commercials, and I’m sure a whole lot of other stuff .
  • Teacher stops two students from fighting in his class room.  I can only imagine how tough it must be to control a class room of hormonal teens in today’s environment.
  • A Miami Herald columnist is willing to pay for drug tests for Florida lawmakers who voted to drug test welfare recipients.
  • VH1 has come out with their 100 Greatest Songs of the ’00s’.  U2’s “Beautiful Day” comes in at 15.
  • I remember reading an article way back when about the close friendship of Troy Aikman and Daryl Johnston that mentioned how they both had their children delivered on the same day either in the same room or next to one another.  I’ve searched all over the interwebs and can’t find anything.
  • That Marilyn Monroe statue in Chicago works quite well as a rain blocking device.
  • A hockey player is asking girls to put their boobs away because of his Christian convictions.
  • If you live in NYC and want to be part of the new Batman movie, here’s your chance.
  • Back to the Future recreated with Legos
  • Marillyn Monroe’s wedding ring from Joe DiMaggio is about to hit the auction block.  I think it’s as classy as ring can be with 35 diamonds.
  • Go Rangers!
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