Bag of Randomness

  • When Volkswagen comes out with new Beetle models, is their any amendment to the rules of the slug bug game?
  • The prosecution of the Michael Jackson trial sure do like the dramatic, don’t they?  That image of a dead man on a gurney with medical supplies still on him with the word “homicide” above it will be an unfortunate iconic image.
  • Andy Rooney will be giving his last “60 Minutes” segment this Sunday.  I thought he’d stop the day he dies.
  • If you think about it, Rooney had a great gig.  For over 30 years he got paid to do nothing but a five minute segment once a week for a television season.
  • The first camera phone image taken.
  • Who knew that there’s video of Gov Good Hair dancing with a bunch of rabbis.  Letterman and Stewart were both all over that video.
  • I love having people over to GeedingManor and I don’t mind when my friends invite their friends over, but is it asking too much to expect them to at least greet me and my wife at some point?
  • The Bacon Alphabet
  • I was had a college professor tell us in a leadership class that if we thought our high school and college years were the best years of our lives, then we might as well kill ourselves now.  I’ve think about that moment about once a week, and while shocking, I totally see his point.  Each stage of life is great as you discover new waters.  As a college student, I couldn’t imagine the joy of parenthood, though I thought I had a decent idea (I was way off, btw).  Better yet, it’s great being an adult and going to bed when you feel like it, buying the car and clothes you want, and if I want to drive to Whataburger at 11:30 PM to get taquitoe, I can do so without any recourse.
  • I remember the dean of our business school being fired or let go after the academic year for saying something inappropriate to a student.  I think he told the student to go f— himself.  The next year I think he became dean of the school of business at Houston Baptist University.
  • If you’re a fan of U2 and C.S. Lewis, then here’s an article for you.
  • The Washington Monument is close indefinitely for repairs.  There’s symbolism in that somewhere.
  • I read a book about a year ago written by a form Bush speech writer who once heard the president refer to the Washington Monument as the Washington Memorial, and did everything thing in his power to resist the temptation to correct him.
  • A  man threw 4,800 messages in a bottle into the Atlantic and manged to get 3,100 responses from all over the globe. (Thanks, Mona!)
  • Impressive North Texas offices
  • I found Keyser Soze, but I still haven’t seen the movie and not sure there’s a need to since I know the ending.
  • I wish I knew how to play a musical instrument.
  • List of lists of lists
  • I just discovered that CiCi’s Pizza is headquartered in Coppell.
  • In the history of the U.S., who is the greatest entrepreneur?  Disney, Gates, Jobs, Walton, Ford?
  • Don Draper Presents Facebook Timeline
  • Too bad there isn’t a Wikipedia type site for repair manuals for things like electronic, vehicle, and other items.  Oh wait!
  • If you’re into zombies and Google Maps, check out this article.
  • Humanity, not everyone has it.
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  2. Craig says:

    You MUST see the movie !! even tho u know the end…i still get something different each time i see it…..and Sam Walton was the best due to growing an empire of a business with no computer technology…all business done by working hard.

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