Bag of Randomness

  • I read a story in my hometown newspaper about a woman who was involved in a head on collision car accident and while in ICU (including breathing tube) an electrical fire burned her house down.  Man, talk about being snake bit.
  • Benny Hinn is now selling multivitamins.  Just $130 a bottle.
  • I got three moles removed yesterday, and while filling out paperwork I was asked my marital status.  Feeling a bit puerile, I listed my status as “Married. Happily Actually.”  A short while later when the receptionist was inputting my information into the computer, she just about spit up her drink laughing so hard at my answer.
  • Two moles were on my neck, one mole was right under my nose.  I now wear a bandage that makes me look like I’m wearing a Michael Jordan mustache.
  • I have freckles on my lips and I think they add to my unattractiveness, but found out there’s nothing I can do about it.
  • World’s worst hunting dog
  • The military is trying to save money by not shipping equipment from Iraq back to the U.S. and other bases, so they are just going to give those items to the Iraqi government.
  • You may recall from news last week that a young teen-age boy killed himself for being bullied, and I think it was for being gay.  His name was Jamey Rodemeyer.  I remember when I saw the news story that his mother was going to bury him in a “Born This Way” t-shirt, which references a song from Lady Gaga.  I had a feeling that Gaga would acknowledge this somehow, and she recently dedicated a song to him.  What really amazed me, was that he tweeted her before he killed himself.
  • Mamma lion saves cub from cliff
  • Is it possible to trade Martellus Bennett for a junior high prospect?
  • I had a total of five people watching the game with me last night, and at one point the game became so boring that we were discussing ways to improve the Geico commercial with the caveman dressed as a cheerleader.
  • The cartoon Jabber Jaw also come up in conversation.
  • I feel extremely uncomfortable talking about my faith with other Christians because I get the impression I’m always being judged.  But when asked about my faith, I feel obligated to share as uncomfortable as it is.
  • I’m usually either on a working out kick or a eating healthy kick, but never both at the same time.
  • I think every week we’ll see a close up of Rob Ryan’s playsheet, and I think I’ve a small contribution to that.
  • The Cowboys had way too many mental mistakes and I think you can blame the coaching staff once again.
  • If Romo wasn’t being chased by defensive linemen he was busy chasing bad snaps.
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One Response to Bag of Randomness

  1. Stefanie says:

    For the lady in the wreck and losing her home…she probably forgot to forward along that certain
    chain email she got.

    For the freckles on the lips, wear lipstick. WifeGeeding may have issue with it but, you'll feel more confident! 🙂

    My family and I did the chocolate bowl with pudding recipe this past weekend. It was so AMAZINGLY delicious! You guys should give it a try! Thank you for the post!

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