Bag of Randomness

  • My little man-cave is getting new furniture and since we sold the old furniture, I took the opportunity to pull up the carpet to fix the squeaky floor.  It’s always amazing pulling up the carpet and looking at the unexpected stains on the bottom.
  • I tried to use a stud finder to find the studs on the floor, but I guess it only works on drywall.
  • I went to Whataburger yesterday and my drink came in an old school commemorative cup, circa 1970’s.
  • Unlike my father, I never leave my keys and wallet in the same place.  I need to become more like my father.
  • A lot of folks are wondering why Bill Belichick would allow such access to his life since it’s uncharacteristic of him.  Some say it’s because he respects football history and wants to honor the game, I think he was forced to do it as one of the punishments of Spygate.
  • I caught The New Girl on Fox last night, it has potential.  Personally, I thought Zoey Deschanel was making  a bad career decision, but I’m probably wrong.  She certainly lives up to the nerdy attractive chick image.
  • One of the deacons I was ordained with resigned yesterday.  I’m certain I wasn’t the cause for this person leaving, but I think something I said during our last deacon meeting helped make up her mind.  And in case you were wondering, the main cause of this former peer’s departure has to deal with the current struggles PCUSA is going through with a change in their Book of Order.  It appears this person will be looking for a new denomination.
  • It’s funny how one person can feel God is moving him or her in one direction, and yet another person feels God is wanting to movie in the total opposite direction of the same issue.
  • I’m tempted to drive up to Denton to try this donut (scroll down a little).
  • I’m still getting a lot of traffic from that Rob Ryan post,yesterday I had around 21,000 unique visitors.
  • Here’s a great cheat sheet for cooking veggies.
  • If you football fans haven’t heard of Vontaze Burfict, you will.  He’s the next Ray Lewis.  YouTube
  • OnStar Begins Spying On Customers’ GPS Location For Profit
  • Just for living in Alaska, residents will receive $1,174 this year from the Alaska Permanent Fund, $107 less than last year’s payout.
  • Remembering another Democratic president who was accused of `class warfare’
  • Teen with no vagina becomes pregnant
  • Somali children win guns and grenades for Qur’an recital
  • The oldest pair of Levis.
  • A touching video about Mongolians getting their picture taken.
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One Response to Bag of Randomness

  1. Stefanie says:

    Today on CNN, I learned about the death of Jamey Rodemeyer who committed suicide because of bullying. I know you have highlighted True Tolerance. I only hope you will also highlight the story of a beautiful child who was a subject of that hatred:

    I hope, as a parent, I effectively teach my kids that under no circumstance is there a reason to bully ANYONE.

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