Bag of Randomness

  • The next time you are looking for a flight, check out Google Flights.  Unlike other travel sites, they include Southwest Airlines fares, at least they appear as an option on the search.
  • The ABC Jackie Kennedy tapes special was a bit of a let down, and this is coming from someone that really enjoys presidential history.
  • I’m assuming this guy was having a good until a six inch eel swam up his urethra.
  • Remember those Brown Hand Center commercials, like Daddy’s Baby Girl?  Well, Dr. Brown is on trial for assaulting his wife, who looks like she may have had some work done.  But the craziest part of the article is that he threw a humanitarian award at her.
  • It’s like a tree that grows money, or a wishing well.
  • 9/11 Victim’s Name Misspelled On National 9/11 Memorial
  • AMC is now in HD on DirecTV.  It’s about friggin’ time.
  • I’m not interested in watching the new series Pan Am because I’m not a fan of Christina Ricci.
  • Nor am I interested in The Playboy Club because it looks like a Mad Men wannabe.
  • Gov Good Hair recently said “We’re the party of life. We ought to be coming up with ways to save lives.”  That just seems kind of odd for a man that was applauded for the number of executions that has occurred under his watch.
  • This Republican staffer is sick and sad for her party.
  • The Miami Dolphins will play the Cowboys on Thanksgiving.  What’s the over/under on the number of times we’ll see that Leon Lett clip?
  • For all those offended by Chaz Bono on Dancing with the Stars, I’m sure he will be the first voted off.
  • Pat Robertson says divorce your wife if she has Alzheimers.
  • If child poverty is defined as ” the share of the children living in the households with income below 50% of the national median,” then the U.S. comes in second.
  • I just found out that if you press a number while watching a YouTube video, such as 4, you jump ahead 40%.
  • I’ve watched The Daily Show for a while now, but last night I laughed out loud more during the first segment than any other show I can think of.
  • I’m still struggling with how to approach the leader of my small group and that person’s decision suggesting that we examine Heaven is for Real.  I’m calling out to all my pastoral friends for guidance.  If someone came to you and said they wanted to teach a Sunday school lesson or series about the book, what would you tell them and what biblical reasons would you use to support your answer?  If you are a pastor and one that normally wouldn’t comment, please do so this time and help me out, you can post anonymously and don’t need to provide an email.
  • Jeremy Piven takes his Emmys for a walk.
  • Top Gun is being converted to 3D
  • The greatest bike lock ever.
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8 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. John says:

    Heaven is for Real…
    If you believe in Purgatory and/or like places between Heaven and Earth then it coule help support that belief, for me I am not sure what it does or does not support in my belief system, yes its a real neat story and yes it tugs at your heart strings and could make a pretty good bible study.. but take of to Mardells and you will find like bible studies on LOST, Gilligan's Island and the Beverly Hill Billys. All of things are just vessels to carry the work of God as long as you dont courupt the word to make it fit.

  2. This "Heaven is For Real" dilemma is a real challenge. You have been elected into church leadership, and this is precisely the type of challenging leadership opportunity that you should expect. It means you are thinking about the right things and seeking God's wisdom. It's no wonder you were appointed to the Session!

    I would firstly seek the head pastor's advice. Bring your concern to him and tell him that you feel a little stuck. You feel convicted about the chosen book but want to voice your conviction with love and respect for the person who chose it. The pastor will know the sensitivities of the group and the individual and will be able to advise you on the most pastoral response.

    But from the few details that I know from what you've shared here, my advice is that this is a good opportunity for you to step up in leadership and act on your conviction, all the while keeping a posture of total humility and grace. You could frame the conversation in a positive tone, as in, "I think there are some wonderful and rich theological books available to us as a Bible study, ones that could enrich and edify us perhaps better than Heaven is For Real. I have a couple in mind and want to propose that we take a look at them together before making our final decision."

    The other option would be to go along with this book study, and be a voice of reason throughout. Not contrarian, but reasonable. You could use it as an opportunity to show the others how to use a filter when reading pop theology. The risk you run with this approach would be that you might enter into each session with an axe to grind. It would be difficult (not impossible) to come into each session with a grace-filled heart that can also speak truth about the questionable details of the book being studied. Then, YOU would be able to pick the next book that the group reads.

    Above all, pray for the group, the meetings, and your relationship with your sister in Christ. Those are the more important things in this situation. I'll pray too.

  3. George says:

    In Texas, capital punishment is one of the prescribed penalties a jury can impose when a person is found guilty of capital murder. The other is life in prison. Capital murder is a very specific thing there are only a handful of ways to commit it. As penalties for crimes in general, capital punishment is designed to be a deterrent for capital murder. Therefore, since it attempts to protect the lives of citizens I find it curious when a person sees hypocrisy when another person is pro-life and pro-death-penalty.

  4. Mtoots says:

    I think Rev. Hart's words were right on target. My simple answer would be….."I know heaven is real, and therefore don't really feel like I need to spend time reading/studying the statement when I could learn more about God's desire for my life through other resources." But……….I am inclined to agree w/ Rev. Hart: Visit w/ your pastor re this dilemma. A lay person in leadership is under the guidance of God and God uses the pastors to issue such guidance. Keep me posted.

  5. Chris says:

    Leader Geeding, I would mention that the key to understanding heaven is to examine what God has to say about it and not just the testimony of a toddler. If Heaven is a subject that the group wants to study, I would recommend Heaven by Randy Alcorn, which provides a Biblically sound view of heaven.

  6. SpeakerofOne says:

    I supposethat your leader may really be curious about the topic of heaven. Perhaps you can suggest a study based on Biblical references to heaven? That way the topic of heaven can be considered without the controversy of using a regular book.
    Another thing to keep in mind is the Biblical pattern for handling controversy (Matt. 18:15-20). First, speak to your brother in private. Second, bring someone else along. Here I nod to Rev. Hart and his suggestion to involve your pastor. Third, bring the matter up to the whole church. Of course, we'd all hope that it won't reach such a level of controversy as to necessitate such a drastic move.

  7. jonathancliff says:

    That book is heresy…

    and I agree with Nathan.

    I probably shouldn't have commented, huh?

  8. Brokelyn says:

    I'm not a "fan" of Christina Ricci, but there's something very charming and "real" about her in this YouTube video–

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