Bag of Randomness

  • Having two Monday night football games is silly.
  • Hey Romo, watch where you are putting your hands.
  • I thought the new NFL kickoff rule was going to ruin the game.  With the kickers having to kick five yards closer, you would think there would be a lot more touchbacks, but I think special teams coaches are having their kickers kick it higher not farther, making for more air time which gives the coverage more time to get down the field and try to pin the opponent inside the twenty.
  • It’s tough watching Michael J Fox decline.  Here he is in a Nike commercial for the Marty McFly shoes.  But man, the guy was hilarious in Sunday’s Curb Your Enthusiasm as he made light of his battle with Parkinson’s.
  • I’m not sure what to think of the series finale of Entourage.  It’s not like I was really looking for closure or anything, but it was just wasn’t that memorable of a send off.
  • There’s an Australian show that has a segment in which they get two advertising agencies to compete against one another by having them create an ad for something that is unsellable, for instance, child labor.  One of the most controversial was banning religion.
  • I’ve been studying the history of creeds as of late.
  • My church small group wants to read and discuss Heaven is for Real.  I’m not comfortable reading an account of a four-year-old boy’s trip to heaven because I think the story is a hoax.  I think my small group means well, but discussing this book seems a bit absurd to me, and I’m usually an open-minded person.  I’m not sure how to say that I don’t think we should read this sort of book without looking like a jerk.
  • Not that it really matters, but maybe it does, but the coauthor of the book was the same one that co-wrote with Sarah Palin on Going Rouge.
  • Bank of America is cutting 30,000 jobs.  I’m always amazed when I see layoffs that are almost double the size of the population of my home town.
  • Snorkeling trip interrupted by a pod of Orcas
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Stefanie says:

    "Orca Picnic Interrupted By Clicking Humans" – Baby Orca heard saying "But, Mom, it was my birthday! Why did they have to ruin it!?"

  2. dan says:

    "Heaven is for Real": I would be really interested if I read about near-death experiences from individuals living in the Far East and see how closely they matched those of people living or raised in a Christian environment. Are there Buddhists, Hindi's or atheists who report the same sort of divine, religious experiences as people in the Western World?

  3. Stepping Out, Sadler says:

    I am the only person in a large group of people (family & friends) who has not, and will not read, Heaven Is For Real. So trust me when I say this: There is no way to tell them how you really feel without looking like a jerk. I also won't read The Shack and my friends think I'm crazy. It's like when I tell someone I really don't like chicken n' dumplings and that person tries to talk me in to eating some because "it's soooo good!". Not a good enough argument, man.

    The Only Evangelical, Jesus-loving Christian Who Hasn't Read The Shack

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