Bag of Randomness

  • There are a lot of reports going around about possible car bombs happening this Sunday September 11.  There are going to be lots of crowds at NFL games, so I would expect a lot of security at games this Sunday.
  • Bob Costas is starting to show some age.  In case you are wondering, he’s 59.
  • At one time Kid Rock use to be some kind of rapper.
  • I read an interesting analysis on Gov Good Hair yesterday.  It stated that he treats questions from the media or during debates as if they are interruptions or annoyances, and that makes him appear as a more qualified or ‘more important’ candidate.  I partly agree.
  • As much as conference realignment talk gives me tired head, I found two interesting reads on Baylor’s attempt to block Texas A&M’s entry into the SEC.  This Sports Illustrated article points out some hypocrisy on Baylor’s ‘Don’t Mess With Texas Football’ campaign by looking back at what happened when the SWC dissolved, but I’m not sure that’s a fair argument.  And this Houston Chronicle article points out how much Baylor has to lose and how much it drags down the quality of a major conference and includes their outdated stadium:  Baylor has been last in Big 12 attendance every single year. Baylor is 18-102 against other Big 12 teams, including 2-28 against Texas and Oklahoma. Baylor has won more than one conference game only four times.
  • Here’s a great children’s book.  It teaches a kid how to react once his or her mother becomes a zombie. That’s Not Your Mommy Anymore
  • I’m having the toughest time getting my mortgage company to endorse the checks my insurance company sent for my roof repair.  #firstworldpains
  • The quality of beer commercials sure have taken a downturn.
  • An elderly woman recently got Do Not Resuscitate tattooed on her chest.
  • A website that tracks gay sex scandals.
  • MLK tried to arrange a sex party during the March on Washington? ABC News
  • I don’t think Kate Gosselin can fit her eight kids in her new car.
  • Spot on: Artist’s Rendering of What LBJ Freeway Will Look Like For the Next Couple of Years
  • Has your doctor taken any money from the pharmaceutical companies?  Find out hereI looked up that female doctor for that eye drop commercial, and I was surprised she didn’t cash in all that much.
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One Response to Bag of Randomness

  1. dan says:

    Great stats about Baylor! Puts everything in perspective.

    Jon Stewart had a great analysis on Perry's debating style. Stewart basically concluded that Perry will be our next president because the other candidates are intimidated by him and that he pushes them around, making him appear to be the only leader in the room.

    Stewart also noted that when Brian Williams asked a question of Perry about the number of people Perry had executed [I believe it was 248?], the audience actually cheered for Perry before Williams could complete the question. Williams seemed to be stunned that a white collor, professional, suburban crowd was cheering Perry's execution statistics. It was the biggest applause for the evening of any candidate.

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