Bag of Randomness

  • I had a church event last night so I missed most of the GOP debate, but I was highly disappointed that Gov Good Hair’s hair looked a bit out of place.  I blame the wildfires.
  • What you see above is a word cloud of last night’s debate.  I found a transcript and cut and pasted the whole thing in a word cloud generator and edited out common words and the names of the moderators.  To be honest, I did it because I wanted to see how often ‘Reagan’ was mentioned.  Click on it to see a larger version.
  • ‘Reagan’ was used 24 times, mentioned most by Newt, and not at all by Romney.
  • Bachmann look like she had a bit too much Botox because her forehead didn’t move one bit.  WifeGeeding thought her nails were extremely long.
  • I kind of liked Huntsman (he likes science) before the debate, but not only did I think he was a little yellow in his answers, his skin was crazy orange.  It’s like he was applying to be on the Longhorn Network or something.
  • The craziest part of the night was the amount of applause Gov Good Hair got when the number of executions that happened during his tenure was announced.  I think he stacked the audience with lethal injection manufacturers.  But seriously, it was creepy weird.
  • It doesn’t appear any Republican likes Bernanke.
  • Politifact gave Gov Good Hair a ‘False’ on his statement that more and more scientist are questioning man made climate change.
  • Funny tweet I saw last night: Rick Perry looks like a President who would be held hostage in a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie.
  • I’m not sure which Republican first said it, but my favorite line about Gov Good Hair is, “Rick Perry is George W. Bush, but without the brains.”
  • Peyton Manning’s consecutive start streak will end because of his neck injury.  He’s upset and is taking it out on kids.
  • More Republicans skipping Obama’s jobs speech – I read that one of them will be watching from across the street.  Come on folks, you don’t have to respect the man in office, but at least respect the office.
  • A very interesting interactive timeline regarding Obama and the job crises.
  • U2 plans on taking a long break.
  • How often does The Ticket need to play that Dave Ramsey commercial?  I wish it would either sell out or for the date to pass . . . soon.  I swear that guys sounds like the Dr Phil of Christian Finance.  For instance, here’s a quote from the commercial, “”When you sow stupid, you reap desperate.”  I also wonder how much The Potter’s House is going to financially benefit from hosting his event.
  • Ben and Jerry’s latest flavor: Schweddy Balls
  • This comedian is selling jokes in Central Park for a dollar a piece.
  • What happens when you combine Facebook’s ‘Like’ feature and the U.S. Constitution.
  • The NFL season starts tonight which means the world is now a better place.
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  1. Stefanie says:

    So, now it's me, my kids AND my husband that read your blog each day! You've become a Family Tradition!

    My husband saw this on T.V. and immediately thought of you and wanted to share.

    Yep…these guys were probably the coolest guys in their elementary classes!!

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