Bag of Randomness

  • The GOP in Rep Gabrielle Gifford’s district was planning to raffle a gun in her district.  Not just any gun, but the kind that actually wounded the congresswoman and killed many bystanders.  I think that’s more insensitive than building a community center with a mosque inside several blocks away from Ground Zero.
  • New North Texas resident Glenn Beck will be (or will have already been depending on the time you read this) on my favorite sports radio station this morning.  This shall be interesting, especially since the hosts of the morning show are pretty comedic.
  • Why is Beck appearing on a sports station?  I believe he’s broadcasting from the same building where the sports station is located, and I think the sports station is a sister station of the Beck will be broadcasting.
  • I know the station I listen to includes a lot of pop-culture talk, but I prefer not to hear any political talk on the station.  I like politics, but I need my escape.
  • Interesting family political drama that almost makes the Bush family look like the Ewing and Kennedy clan.
  • ‘Stuff Christian Culture Likes’ is a blog that I follow and is written by a preacher’s son who is married to a preacher’s daughter.  I think I have the same sense of humor as the author and on most occasions agree with him.  The guy can be pretty tough on Christian culture, and I’m OK with that because you have to understand how you are perceived by others.  You may intend on communicating with the best of your intentions, but if it’s perceived differently then you have failed.  His latest subject is Dave Ramsey.   I’m all for trying to get people’s finances in order, but Ramsey makes me uncomfortable because I perceive him to be a snake oil salesmen that likes to tie in scripture.  From this college finance instructor’s perspective, I think the majority of his lesson are solid (albeit a bit too theatrical), but personally  I think the guy gets too political at times and to me that’s too distracting from a ministry and makes me think the guy only has an agenda, an agenda not focused on helping get believer’s finances in order.  And if you have missed his political references mixed in his message, then that’s just how good he is.
  • A creative Girl Scouts cookie graph
  • I wonder who came up with the idea of milking a cow?  Someone a long time ago figured out that if you pull on those utters, you can drink the stuff that comes out of it.  And then that someone had to show others how to do it.  Kinda fascinating if you think about it.
  • The same goes for the first person that decided to eat an egg.  Someone saw an egg come out the bottom of a chicken, decided to crack it, and then thought of ways of cooking it.
  • A book about how you can see God in all things with a nifty title – The Day Metallica Came to Church.  You can read the first chapter for free.
  • If you haven’t watched Family Game Night on The Hub, it’s worth at least on watch.
  • Planets viewed from Earth as if they were at the distance of our moon
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  1. @dumbleadore says:

    🙂 SCCL is written by a pastor's daughter who is married to a pastor's son. But yes, her sense of humor is pretty rad.

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