3 Responses to New Sermon Series from FBC Dallas: Are We Witnessing America’s Last Days?

  1. "Discover what Christians can do to delay America's eventual demise."

    There are two major problems with this premise.

    1) America is not "God's New Israel." It is just one society among thousands of others over the centuries. It is not a harbinger of God's will. It is not established in Scripture. If America comes and goes (as all civilizations do), it has absolutely no effect on God's eternal Kingdom. In other words, God doesn't need the United States of America to fulfill his purposes on earth or in heaven. In fact, when we marry the two kingdoms, we get into all sorts of trouble–we hinder both institutions from being as pure as they could be.

    2) If we take this statement to its logical conclusion, or even its subtextual implications, we result in war. Call it "culture war" for now, but any type of war has a strong potential for eventual violent conflict. Scripture is quite clear on the point that Christ-followers need not engage in such acts if their only purpose is to sustain an earthly institution. Perhaps we have forgotten that in the first century, as God expanded his family by breaking down the division between the nation of Israel and the rest of the world, he put an end to the idea that an earthly nation was his only vehicle for earthly kingdom work. Please read Ephesians 2 on this point.

    By way of example, consider the Christian church in China. As you know, Christianity is illegal in China. But the underground church there is thriving. It is growing faster than the church in America.

    I could say so much more but I have to go. Maybe I'll log on later and add more thoughts.


  2. Stefanie says:

    I *heart* Hart.

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