Bag of Randomness – NYC Edition

  • I guess I forgot to formally state that I wasn’t going to be posting much this week because I’m in NYC visiting SisterGeeding who is getting married today.
  • I just became aware my Recent Comments feature on the sidebar is not working.  Right now, that’s low on the priority list.
  • We flew Continental Airlines from DFW to Newark.  The flight was delayed because air traffic control could not find the plane an available spot to fly out of.  I didn’t really understand what that meant, but one woman decided to pull out a yoga mat and do her thing for about thirty minutes.
  • I thought the crew did a very smart thing.  During boarding, they closed all the shades on the plane, which made it considerably cooler.
  • Unpleasant DFW Airport fact . . . when it comes to soft drinks, only Pepsi products are available, not even Dr Pepper.
  • The flight might have only been a third full.
  • I did a time lapse of the take off and the whole flight, but it didn’t turn out well because the camera lost is place for a little bit and the night sky isn’t much to look at, but I might post it anyways so you can see the sun set.
  • When we landed, the temperature was in the 70’s.  The next day, the temp never got above 90.  I love Texas, but I’m not missing the weather back home all that much.
  • No, we did not bring ToddlerGeeding, WifeGeeding needed a vacation.  Lets just say we are EXTREMELY thankful for WifeGeeding’s parents willingness to take care of her for a few days.
  • After eating breakfast at the Clinton Street Baking Company I noticed the weirdest mural of Will and Kate.  I’m not sure what’s weirder, how Will and Kate look or than baby angels are getting drunk.
  • FYI – I think on most of the pics that I post today, you can click on to enlarge.
  • Every time I see the Manhattan skyline, the Green Acres song goes through my head.  I feel the need to post a link to the song for my younger readers.  Yes, I’m talking to you, Mona.
  • When I saw this car, I thought there was a ghost problem in the city.
  • On our way to watch Wicked, a show about witches, we felt the need to stop by church, and St Patrick’s Cathedral was on the way.  I was surprised they allowed visitors during a service.  Man, that place is beautiful.
  • I did notice the church had a modern twist to it, lost of HDTV’s so the folks in the back can have a better view.
  • Crazy thing, but pretty much right out side of the church, a few streets were closed because a man was threatening to jump off a Rockefeller Center roof.  Thankfully all things ended peacefully.  Unfortunately, I heard things did not end peacefully for the man that jumped to his death at the Gallery Mall in Dallas, from the third floor, to the ice rink.  I pray there weren’t any kids there to witness such an event.  I know there were some twit pics going around of the aftermath.
  • The NBC store in 30 Rock sells lots of Saved By The Bell stuff.
  • While at 30 Rock I did see my first of two celebrity sightings.  Here’s a picture of Tina Fey walking out of 30 Rock.
  • Some people think she and WifeGeeding look alike, but I just don’t see it.
  • Later in the day while walking near News Corp I saw Joe Buck.  I saw him approaching looking at his phone, and for some reason I just said, “Joe Buck?”  He kindly looked up as he continued walking, and said, “You need to post something on your website soon.”  OK, actually he just said, “Hey.” and I replied back with “AWESOME!!”  He then chuckled pretty loudly.  I should of asked for a picture, but didn’t want to beat him down.
  • I asked WifeGeeding if she knew he was, and she said, “Yeah, he’s the one without a Super Bowl ring.”  That’s a reference to a commercial he did in the past with the rest of the Fox NFL Sunday crew.  But she actually did know he’s Aikman’s broadcast partner.
  • The strangest thing I saw . . . the Naked Cowgirl.  Yup, some 50-year-old lady with nothing on except boots, panties, and star stickers to cover up her nipples was in Times Square playing a guitar.  Instead of posting a picture of her, here’s one of some person dressed up like the Statue of Liberty.
  • I really loath the term “bucket list” but since I can’t find anything anything better to call it, I accomplished two by watching a show on Broadway and staying at the Waldor=Astoria, which is only possible to a crazy deal I found on Travelocity.  The lobby is very elegant, and what surprised me but probably shouldn’t, was when I used the restroom in the lobby, there was a bathroom attendant present to hand me a hand towel.  I probably should have tipped, but at the time only had a $5 bill, and I ain’t paying $5 just to dry my hands.
  • The elevators are done in a nice dark wood stain and thermostat controls are visible.
  • For the most part, the hotel is very nice, but it is not as luxurious as I expected.  There is an exclusive area called the Waldorf Towers where you have to have special access, and I hear that is pretty swanky.
  • The HDTV in my room is much smaller than the Marriott in Austin I stayed at recently.
  • The hallways are very wide, with fireplaces and lounging areas with chairs and couches, and lots of pictures of celebrities of way back when at activities at the hotel.
  • We may have the worst view of all NYC.  We see the bottom of a roof and a lot of trash bags.  We’re on the ninth floor in case you were wondering.
  • Internet access is $16 a day.
  • Service is outstanding.  I packed a sportscoat to wear to the wedding and despite my best efforts, it’s pretty wrinkled.  I asked the concierge if there was anyway I could get it pressed for a wedding the next day.  His reply, “Absolutely.  What time would you like ready by?”  I told him by 11:00 AM tomorrow.  He then made a phone call and told the person on the other end to have the jacket ready by 10:00 AM.  He then offered to have someone go to the room while we go out to dinner to pick up the jacket when we were gone.  I didn’t have a problem with that, but what was really impressive was that when we got back from dinner, the jacket was already pressed in a plastic bag hanging in my closet.
  • Something I have discovered about NYC, even though it’s my fourth time to visit I guess I just keep forgetting, there’s no such thing as free refills.
  • WifeGeeding just loved Wicked.  I really liked it as well, but wish I could remember more from The Wizard of Oz to better appreciate the storyline.
  • There’s a small possibility you might see us on the Today show this morning, it’s been a dream for WifeGeeding to see a taping.
  • As I end here, let me leave you with this one last picture I took since I think it ties to love and marriage and since I’ll be in my SisterGeeding’s wedding tomorrow.  WifeGeeding and I were walking to dinner when we noticed this couple in front of us.  Just look at this image . . . two elderly folks, both with canes slowly making their way, holding one shopping bag together as if they were helping each other out . . . through sickness and health, til death to they part.
  • Grace
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12 Responses to Bag of Randomness – NYC Edition

  1. Melissa says:

    you made sure you got your $16 worth of posting on this one…LOL all that was missing-the picture of Tina Fey.

    Congratulations to sistergeeding! i would hate to be the one catering her wedding..LOL

    glad you and wifegeeding are enjoying some quality time and doing fun stuff. i'll be anxious to hear toddlergeeding's reaction when you come back!

  2. Sharon says:

    Congratulations to sistergeeding.
    Your photo of Tina Fey is missing. Enjoy your vacation.

  3. Wendell says:

    Congrats to SisterGeeding. You two have a great time and enjoy the few moments without the little one. So glad to hear your having a wonderful time. W-spouse and I hope to vacation there soon.

  4. Women of Wise says:

    Love the last photo. Great shot, and good street photography instincts. Congratulations to SisterGeeding, too. Happy Day!

  5. chlp says:

    that last photo was cute!
    congrats to sistergeeding!
    i love wicked too! everybody should see it at least once!

  6. 05girl says:

    congrats to sistergeeding as well!

    Really wish the tina fey picture was working 🙁

  7. AndreaJN says:

    Congrats to SisGeeding! Did she make the wedding cake?

  8. zChicago says:

    Congratulations to SisterGeeding.

  9. Stefanie says:

    What wonderful news! I hope SisterGeeding had the day go exactly how she wanted.

  10. jonathan says:

    Somebody stop that old man! He's obviously stealing that woman's bag!

  11. rita says:

    big congrats to sisterG. i wish her and her hubby all the very best that life has to offer.

    that last pic is just precious.

  12. dan says:

    Got the picture of Tina Fey to work, but how did you convince her to let you ride her piggyback?

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