Bag of Randomness

  • In theory, it shouldn’t take more than two hours to install a baby gate.
  • Peter King in his MMQB column estimates that Jerry Jones makes around $17 million off stadium tours alone.  Let’s just say you take away expenses like utilities (I’d love to know the electric bill for that place and Six Flags) and advertising, for, I dunno, $7 million, that’s still pretty good money for just having people walk around the building.  And that makes me wonder how much money has places like Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building, and the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) have made just having people ride an elevator and look off the top floor.  I bet it has been enough revenue that a replicate of each could be build.
  • For $3.25 come by GeedingManor and I’ll let you stand on our porch where you can see the Dillard’s parking lot from afar.
  • Here’s a list of myths the Mythbusters will be testing this season.  I’ll be honest, the show has lost a little something over the years.
  • I never been a big fan of primaries.  The states that get the first primaries cast a lot of influence and don’t represent the country as a whole, so in a sense, they shape the election to came for candidates that represent their own values.
  • Letterman needs an updated set, or at least a new paint job on those purple/pink pipes.
  • I think my friend Jimi once wrote a college paper on this: Male dance moves that catch a woman’s eye
  • To mark the 30th anniversary of “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” a touring exhibition is spotlighting famous props from the Indiana Jones films and putting them side-by-side with real archaeological artifacts.  Link
  • I bet the Detroit Lions make the playoffs this year.
  • There was a local news story warning the public not to buy iPads from strangers at gas stations because inside the box is just a block of wood with an Apple logo on it.  Really, people need to be warned not to buy iPads at gas stations from strangers?  But then again, some folks are dumb enough to do it.
  • Do kids still have birthdays at McDonald’s?  I remember that was kind of a big deal back in the day.
  • ESPN College Game Day will be broadcasting from Cowboys Stadium this Saturday with Mark Cuban as a guest.
  • Form WFAA reporter Bert Lozano, who always looked to be in shape and in good health, had a massive heart attack at age 42 and is currently on life support.  That kind of stuff scares me.
  • Do kids still have to put book covers on their text books?  Our book covers always had a local funeral home advertisement on it, and that always creep me out.
  • It was always interesting opening up your text book to the inside cover to see who else had the book.
  • I was never much for high school pizza, but I did enjoy the Salisbury steak and steak fingers.
  • I had the same Master Lock for my locker from the sixth grade through my senior year, and I still remember the combination.
  • I was always lucky enough to get a top locker.
  • I never found the Trapper Keeper useful.  Do they still make those?
  • I have a bad habit of chewing on my pens.
  • I thought it was strange seeing friends doing homework in the morning before school started.  I was forced to do my homework as soon as I got home.
  • I always had the cardboard crayon box that had the American flag on it, and I always managed to keep it in one piece throughout the school year.  A lot of my friends would somehow lose the top.
  • I never liked writing on the Big Chief tablets.
  • I remember how badly I wanted a pair of Z Cavaricci pants in junior high, and my dad refusing to buy me any because “they cost too damn much.”  Dad, you were right, but thanks for always spending money on the shoes, I still remember my first pair of Nikes.
  • My mom use to only buy me Wrangler Rustler jeans, oh, and they were ‘husky’.  I vow never to own another pair of Wranglers again.
  • I learned the hard way in the second grade not to put a carbonated beverage in my lunch pail thermos.
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6 Responses to Bag of Randomness


  2. Wendell says:

    If it's your birthday, well then Happy Birthday friend. I don't remember things like that from my younger years. Some because it wasn't that happy, some because I choose not to. Some because I'm just an old fart and it was a long time ago.
    I do like my Wrangler 13MWZs though!

  3. Linda says:

    Lol Talk about a 90's Flashback..I had forgot about a lot of that stuff. So did you ever do the fold and roll up on the leg of your pants or shorts?lol The Tighter the Roll the better

  4. David Conner says:

    My kids don't use book covers anymore because they now use LAPTOPS!!! I have to watch my son closely while he does his homework to make sure he's not playing games on the interwebs.

  5. Andy B says:

    Happy birthday!!

  6. 05girl says:

    I have had the same master lock since 7th grade (the start of middle school, fall 1995). I still use it.

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