Bag of Randomness

  • Gov Good Hair made a comment recently that military members and veterans would prefer a commander in chief that actually served in the armed forces.  For the most part, I would agree.  I always thought it was strange for Dick Cheney to be the Secretary of Defense (under the first President Bush) when he had no military service himself.
  • Gov Good Hair also made some ‘threatening’ remarks about Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.  He basically was commenting on how Bernanke and the Fed were keeping the fed funds rate at almost zero, and GGH said he would view Bernanke “treasonous” if he printed more money, and if he was in Texas, he’d treat him “pretty ugly” [source].  Obama was asked about this by Wolf Blitzer, but surprisingly he didn’t take a shot and attack (I think it’s because Obama respects the hair too much.)  The President basically just said it was a beginners mistake and candidates have to be careful when they speak.
  • I’ve been impressed with the CBS Evening News‘ political analysis as of late.  They talked about GGH’s dress, tone, and delivery the day after he made those remarks, which all showed he was no longer shooting from the hip.  He might be a lot like W in that regard, too down home to speak on a national level.
  • GGH has taken a few shots at W over the years, but now it appears that some Bushies are slamming Rick Perry’s Bernanke comment.
  • For seventeen of the past forty-eight years, a Texan has lived in the White House.  Source
  • Michelle Bachmann confused Elivs’ birthday with his death day.
  • I don’t like what Obama is doing with this bus tour.  It seems too much like a campaign event (which it is) and since its focus is on stimulating job growth, it seem.s too little too late.
  • Remember televangelist Jimmy Baker?  He has his own cereal now.
  • Wells Fargo to test $3 a month debit card fee – I’m thinking this isn’t the smartest of moves.
  • There’s a restaurant in DC that makes you sign a contract.  Basically, no cell phones, cameras, or cancellations.
  • Here’s a lasting image for you.  A terminally ill mother who couldn’t attend her daughter’s wedding was able to watch her first dance via Sykpe.  Image and blog post.
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