Bag of Randomness

  • Yup, that’s Gov Good Hair when he was just Aggie Student Good Hair.  (Hat tip,, via Bud Kennedy’s Facebook page)
  • A quote that got me thinking, “We spend too much time focusing on sin and not the nature of sin.”
  • One of my readers informed me that his church was having a U2 based worship service and was streaming it live.  I didn’t watch it live, but I did catch the podcast (video which includes praise and worship and sermon or mp3 with sermon only).  The service started with a U2 cover band of sorts.  All I’ll say is that the lead singer is no Bono.  But I did find the sermon quite insightful and enjoyable.
  • I get a kick when restaurants try to add a bit of fancy to their name by the use of “café” or adding the word “gourmet”.   The same goes for stores that use “shoppe”.
  • Speaking of fancy, I got lucky, really, really lucky when looking for a hotel in NYC yesterday.  We’ll be staying at the Waldorf Astoria next week for an incredible price, a price cheaper than most three star hotels.  I wonder how many towels I can fit in my suitcase?  If we’re lucky, we’ll get free HBO.
  • When I mentioned the deal I got and where I was staying in NYC, the Debby Downer of the office told stories about bed bugs in the hotel.
  • Before the days of the DVR, I remember watching MTV and having to sit through a three to five minute video I didn’t like in hopes that one of my favorites would air next.
  • Explosions in the Sky played Letterman last night . . . good stuff.  Here’s their most played video song on YouTube.
  • A breakdown of the nation’s airline rewards industry
  • A comparison of how much weight Turtle from Entourage has lost.
  • For some silly reason, Joe Biden is collecting rent from the Secret Service.
  • Alaska oil fund hits record $40B, with Apple’s help
  • An Artist Is Making Lots of Money Selling Genuine New York City Garbage
  • Mila Kunis defends Justin Timberlake in an interview by speaking Russian
  • The U.S. tends to perform best when against the ropes.  Here’s keeping hope alive.
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  1. When I heard we were doing it, I thought of you. Thx for the mention. It sounded SOO great in person.

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