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I know a lot of folks in the ministry read this blog, and I know a lot of those folks are engaged in all sorts of social media; so when one of my readers wrote a book about the church and podcasting, I thought I’d make a post about it.

In The Podcasting Church, author, Paul Clifford, an early adapter to podcasting, clearly explains the art and technology of podcasting in such a way both the non-technical and tech-savvy will walk away feeling equipped and envisioned. Clifford understands the challenges churches face keeping up with modern technology and seeks to not just explain the how of podcasting, but also brings a renewed vision to use technology to present the Gospel in non-traditional mediums.
The Podcasting Church helps church leaders think through the benefits and costs of starting various types of podcasts. Leaving nothing to guesswork, he walks through every aspect of planning, recording, editing, and promotion. Clifford also suggests creative ways churches can use podcasting to communicate to their congregation, local community, and beyond.

So who’s the author?

Paul Clifford started the “Tech, No Babel” podcast in July 2005 as a way to share his tech knowledge with other churches to help them more effectively spread the Gospel. The skills he learned from the early days helped him advance his podcast and the online ministry at his church, Quest Community Church in Lexington, Ky. He is currently the Frankfort Campus Video Team Leader at Quest Community Church, where he has served since 2000.

Paul’s greatest passion is to see people have better lives and eternities. He loves using his technology gifts toward that end and encouraging others to do the same. Paul owns Trinity Digital Media, LLC, helping churches advance the kingdom through technology. Paul resides in Nichloa

You can buy Paul’s book here:

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