Struck by Lightning

Ryan stands beside a pole during a storm hoping to get struck by lightning and survive. He did survive, with minor injuries and wet pants (from the rain, not from peeing. He had full control of his bladder 100% of the time).

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3 Responses to Struck by Lightning

  1. Dude says:

    Totally faked… go to youtube and search for the videos of "freddiew". All the amazing effects he achieves in _his_ videos are done via After Effects and a HD camera. Both of which these kids likely used to create this "drama". Bad acting and a lack of wet hair by anyone in the short gives it away.

    This illustrates that we are fast approaching the time where you cannot believe what you "see" online. Photoshop did that to still photos years ago and After Effects has now done it for video. THANKS ADOBE!!!

  2. Stefanie says:


    So, we need to retire the old saying 'don't believe it till you see it'. 🙁

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