New Bible gives Jesus a ‘Human’ touch

In the newest English-language Bible translation to hit bookshelves, e-readers and online sites, Jesus is no longer the “Son of Man.”

He’s “the Human One.”

The Tennessean religion reporter Bob Smietana tours the text, pointing out notable changes in the freshly published Common English Bible start in the beginning. Except that “In the beginning…” is gone, too. This Bible begins, “When God began to create the heavens and the earth…”
And Adam is simply lower case “human” until Eve comes along in Genesis 2:23

The human said, “This one finally is bone from my bones and flesh from my flesh. She will be called a woman because from a man she was taken.”

Like every Bible translation that comes down the pike, the folks behind this — a coalition of Protestant denominational publishing houses owned by the United Methodist Church, one of the nation’s largest denominations, and the Disciples of Christ, Presbyterian Church U.S.A., Episcopal Church, and the United Church of Christ — want to make holy writ more accessible.

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