Do You Have A Degree In Economics?

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3 Responses to Do You Have A Degree In Economics?

  1. David Bryant says:

    Oops. Guess the interviewer had not done her homework

  2. Ann says:

    Brooks also has a degree in political science which he used very effectively along with his training as a lawyer to spin the issue.

    To say that we were not on the cusp of an economic depression while holding an economics degree is completely disingenuous.
    To imply emergency measures to stabilize the economy was simply reckless spending on the part of Senator/President Obama is dishonest spin.
    Brooks is doing a great job for the Republican party, but at great cost to our country.
    This TV commentator is no match.

  3. dan says:

    I agree with everything that Ann has stated. Treasury officials, members of the Fed, bankers, and economists who were involved with the financial meltdown both while it was occuring and since have described the country's financial situation as close to catastrophic [and that includes many Republicans in the Bush Administration]. "Fortune" magazine just published a nice summary of the efforts required to keep us from falling off the precipice. It's easy to say afterwards that if the fire department had not shown up the wildfire probably would have gone out by itself.

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