Correlated – Discover Surprising Correlations

Are apartment dwellers more likely to read comic books? Do people who square dance have higher-than-average auto accident rates? Are people who drive domestic cars more likely to prefer Coke over Pepsi?

Correlated helps discover surprising correlations between seemingly unrelated things.

By answering each day’s survey question, you’ll help us make new correlations.

At the end of the day, the results of the survey are compared with the results of all previous surveys, and the two outcomes with the strongest link are highlighted.

It’s fun. It’s painless. It’s free. Enjoy.

Here are some previous correlations:

  • Only 35 percent of people with a landline phone have worn braces, compared with 48 percent of people in general.
  • 64 percent of mushroom haters prefer tea to coffee, compared with 44 percent of people in general.
  • 44 percent of bad spellers prefer white noise when they sleep, compared with 30 percent of people in general.
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