Baylor says that daily Bible reading makes you more liberal

That Liberally Lean guy Barry, a Baylor Law alum, had this on his website so I thought I’d share.

In what some may dub a landmark study, Baylor University researcher Aaron Franzen found something that will likely get both conservatives and liberals talking: Reading the Bible daily helps American Christians become more concerned about poverty, civil liberties and conservation.

Interestingly, the study claims that as people read the Bible more regularly, they become more concerned with a variety of social issues. David Briggs, a writer for the Association of Religion Data Archives, has more:

The study, one of the first to examine the social consequences of reading Scripture, reveals the effects of Bible reading appear to transcend conservative-liberal boundaries.

Thus, even as opposition to same-sex marriage and legalized abortion tends to increase with more time spent with the Bible, so does the number of people who say it is important to actively seek social and economic justice, Franzen found.

Check out the full article at The Blaze.

So there’s hope for you yet, BibleScholarGeorge.  You can leave the Dark Side. 😉

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