Bag of Randomness

  • I haven’t done a Bag of Randomness in weeks and I doubt anyone has noticed, but I’m thinking less is more.
  • I like adding a 1960’s effect to modern pictures.
  • At the end of this month I’ll be spending a week in Austin visiting with the IRS.  Yup, that’s how I always dreamed my summers would be like as a child.
  • And then in a month’s time, I’ll be in NYC and Chicago.
  • When I hear the name Brian Wilson, I think of the Beach Boy, not the pitcher.
  • I’ve been pretty sick the past couple of days, I threw up for the first time in nine years.  My first of our marriage.  That was followed by chills and other unpleasant stuff.  The weird thing was, I was just fine all day Sunday, but when midnight hit, it all went downhill.
  • To help with all the nausea, I’ve been taking some medication.  The medication is in some kind of child proof bottle, but that bottle turned out not to be ToddlerGeeding proof.  Before we knew it, pills were all over the floor when our backs were turned for only moments when we were out of the room.  Of the 30 in the bottle, we could only account 20.  The remainder we either lost, in ToddlerGeeding, or in the dogs.
  • That event made me make my first ever call to Poison Control.  Hopefully that will be my last ever call, but that’s not to say they weren’t very professional, just that I don’t want to have to call that number ever again.
  • Thankfully ToddlerGeeding was just fine.  As for the dogs, I gave them hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting, but here’s the problem, they swallowed vomiting preventing medication.  After monitoring all parties for four hours, no symptoms, so per poison control, it looked like we were safe.
  • First Lady funerals are always interesting.  They are never to the scale as their husbands, understandably so, but it’s always interesting to see who will attend.  It was nice seeing W escort Nancy Reagan to her seat, but his parents didn’t show.  I guess at their age, W represented the family.  As far as I could tell, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter also were not in attendance.
  • At one time a congress didn’t need to vote to raise the debt ceiling, but I believe Newt’s congress changed that.
  • It’s my understanding that to raise the debt ceiling, there’s no requirement to include any spending or tax increases or decreases, but the Republicans are wanting to do something big in terms of spending cuts in order to get the debt ceiling raised.  It’s my belief that enough time has passed and the deadline is so close, that for the next decade, the U.S. has hurt their credit rating image.  It may say one thing on paper, but international investors will be skeptical.
  • If the debt ceiling doesn’t get raised, you can count on the Dow falling at least 1500 points in one day, followed by a big rise in interest rates, followed by 15% unemployment, and a lot of other crazy stuff.  I remember spending a day in a finance class during graduate school about the implications of what would happen if the U.S. defaulted on their debts, and it ain’t pretty.
  • I think the chances of the debt ceiling not getting raised is greater than 65%.  I hope I’m wrong.
  • I think Speaker Boehner wants to cut a deal with Obama, but I don’t think he has the power to influence the most ideological members of his party.
  • Closing tax loop holes is another way of raising taxes, but I’m OK with that.  Companies like GE shouldn’t get away without paying any taxes because of said loop holes, surely that sounds reasonable.
  • I agree, their is too much waste in Washington in terms of spending.  But I think that should be discussed separately from raising the debt ceiling, perhaps during budget time.  I bet a lot of folks don’t understand the difference between the two.
  • Speaking of government debt: Texas’ debt growing at faster rate than federal government’s
  • Rupert Murdoch’s news empire seems to be on shaky ground with the strangly and generically named News of the World shutting down abruptly, and now it seems The Sun is also in hot water.  The apple doesn’t fall far from ten tree, it’s only a matter of time before we hear something shady about one of his U.S. news organizations.
  • I watch a lot of Pawn Stars as of late, it turns out that Corey has recently had Lap-Band surgery.
  • I didn’t know that Komen for the Cure was based in Dallas.
  • If you live in DFW and want the new Dallas to consider shooting in your house, here’s something to consider.  You can get up to $2500 a day.
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