Austin to Dallas Time Lapse

Thanks to the CHDK website, I was able to hack my little point-and-shoot Canon and modify the settings to create a time lapse in HD.  Things were going great, and right when I got to a very pretty scene of downtown Dallas and Reunion Tower, the battery died.  Because of that, I’m a bit disappointed with the final product, but hey, it’s a fun little hobby for me to work on.

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3 Responses to Austin to Dallas Time Lapse

  1. Mike Martinez says:

    great job!!! I make that trip also but i drive to San Antonio a lot, also from Lewisville and that traffic makes it interesting…opens up..than slows down

  2. Stefanie says:

    You tailgate too much.

    lol! j/k

  3. craig moore says:

    Awesome…..i travel alot and want to try that…where do i research to get my camera to do that…its a Sony bad ass camera!


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