Texas exorcism seminar draws in crowd of hundreds

A conference on evil and the unknown compelled hundreds to gather at a weekday presentation offered by the Catholic Diocese of San Angelo.

About 700 individuals from all over West Texas traveled to San Angelo Monday for a seminar on exorcism and diabolical influence.

“It’s one of the best presentations we’ve ever had,” said Bishop Michael Pfeifer with the Catholic Diocese of San Angelo. “It’s something very, very unique. The people were enthralled, and they had so many questions to ask.”

What I didn’t know was that all baptized babies have been exorcised:

Every baptized Catholic has gone through a simple form of an exorcism, Pfeifer said. One of the prayers a priest uses while baptising a person is to free him or her from the evil influence of the devil and put the person under the care of Jesus. This is because of original sin, which Pfeifer said all Catholics believe carries on throughout the human race.

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