Patriotic Bible

With a gift of $100 to Cornerstone TeleVision Network you will receive two beautiful hard cover patriotic books that are essential for the Christian library. “In God We Still Trust” is a 365 day devotional that strengthens your walk in the lord as well as documentation of the founding fathers biblical principals that shaped the United States of Americas Constitution. “The American Patriots Bible”, in addition being a NKJ bible, also connects the history of the United States all the way to the present day. The readings are incredibly fascinating and engaging. Call or write in today with your gift for more information visit

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4 Responses to Patriotic Bible

  1. jonathan says:

    I just threw up in my mouth a little…

    But can we go in together and buy this for RevHart?

    • Geeding says:

      I have a feeling Rev Hart already has one in his collection, placed right beneath his gun rack.

  2. G.A.S. Guys says:

    I have this Bible, and in my opinion it should be in every American's home. It's rich with history, quotes, and evidence of our nation's Christian foundations.

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