Less than 75% of the 7,400 state legislators in the USA have completed college

The Chronicle has looked at where each of the 7,000-plus state legislators in America went to college—or whether they went at all. In doing so, we got a glimpse of how the citizens who hold these seats reflect the average American experience.

Check out the interactive map here.

Here are the top and bottom five:

1. California 89.9%
2. Virginia 88.6%
3. Nebraska 87.3%
4. New York 86.8%
5. Texas 86.2%

46. Arkansas 60.4%
47 New Mexico 59.7%
48. Delaware 59.7%
49. Maine 58%
50. New Hampshire 53.4%

And here are the details for Texas:

Where did Texas’ state legislators go to college?

Yes, I know.  I’m also shocked that Hardin-Simmons isn’t on this list.

And now more facts about the education of the Texas state legislature.



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