Interfaith Billboard Backfires

Billboards have emerged across Sydney, Australia, carrying the slogan “Jesus: a prophet of Islam.” The advertising campaign is being run by Islamic group “MyPeace,” which has said that the purpose of the campaign is to encourage interfaith relations between Christians and Muslims.

However, a number of Christians in the region have condemned the controversial campaign and called for the billboards to be removed, labeling them as provocative and offensive to Christianity.

Catholic bishop Julian Poreous, of the Archdiocese of Sydney, has clarified that for Christians Jesus was “more than a prophet” as the campaign suggests.

He said: “He is the Son of God. He is acclaimed Lord and Savior of humanity.”

MyPeace has claimed it means no offense by the campaign and that it simply is trying to show to everyone that Islam follows the teachings of Jesus too. By encouraging this common ground to be found between the two faith groups, the organization hopes closer interfaith communications can come about.

And they have plans to further the campaign:

MyPeace has said that it has decided to extend the campaign beyond the original four weeks, and follow-up billboards will carry even more controversial slogans such as “Holy Quran: the final testament,” and “Muhammad: mercy to mankind.”

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