Baptisms Close Big Splash Wave Pool

For one day, Big Splash rented out their park to Life Church, a large Tulsa congregation, but not everyone who walked through the gates Sunday knew what would be in store because of that rental agreement.

Judie Wilson says she needed a trip to Big Splash water park Sunday afternoon.

“It’s been really hot, like I can barely go outside without breaking a sweat,” 20 year-old Judie told FOX23.

One of her family’s favorite spots, the wave pool. That’s where they were Sunday around 3-30

“The lifeguards, they started blowing the whistles, telling everyone to clear out, and I thought someone had drowned. I wasn’t really sure what was going on,” She said.

Turns out nobody drowned, but they did go under.

“I’ve never seen anything like it before. They said they were baptizing people,” Judie said.

She’s talking about pastors at Life Church in Tulsa.

“We actually rented the park out. It was our day to do what we wanted,” Pastor Derrick Henslee told FOX23 Monday.

Sunday’s event called Life Stock 2011, culminated with 150 people being baptized in the wave pool. This while other guests not affiliated with the church looked on at the ceremony.

“To do it at one time, with all three campuses, and thousands of people watching, it really is the most efficient place at Big Splash to do it,” Pastor Henslee said.

Judie says the whole situation has her confused.

“I thought it was great that everyone was dedicating their life to Christ. I just didn’t know if that was the right place or not to do that at,” Judie told FOX23.

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