Bag of Randomness

  • I haven’t seen any coverage by our local news showing any City of Dallas official publicly thanking Mark Cuban for his generosity of paying for Thursday’s parade.
  • While reading Ripley’s Believe It or Not I learned Frenchman Jean Pierre Blanchard carred the first U.S. Airmail by hot air balloon in 1793, which was a letter from President Washington to the owner of the land wherever he balloon sat down.  Upon further research on Blanchard, I learned he died by having a heart attach on a hot air balloon and falling 50 feet.  Later, his widow continued to fly balloons but died when her hydrogen balloon was ignited during a fireworks display in Paris.
  • Superman is now wearing jeans and work boots.  I wonder if they are Levi’s.
  • The U.S. Army is finally getting rid of the beret, except for those special units, of course.  Oh, and now velcro is optional.
  • I wasn’t aware that North Carolina use to sterilize the poor and mentally ill.
  • Bill Gates has given over $28 billion to charity and Bono stayed at his house when the band was playing in Seattle.  Link
  • At first I thought Rep Weiner should not have to step down since he didn’t break any law or rules (that I was aware of).  But now it seems he’s at the point that no one will take him seriously, which means he will no longer be able to effectively represent his district.  So now I’m thinking he should step down to do what’s best for the people in his district.
  • I mentioned a while ago that a man (Richard Ochoa) who grew up in WifeGeeding’s hometown wrote a book which included WifeGeeding’s father as a major influence in his life.  That author was recently on a radio show and WifeGeeding and I listened to the podcast.  WifeGeeding’s mother called in, and it was extremely touching to hear hear break down in proud loving tears talking about how proud and how much she loved her husband.  I hope I can live a life in which my wife and children can even care and love me just a smidgen of the amount I heard what was in WifeGeeding’s mother’s voice.  I hope one day they can be proud of me.
  • NBC has a new showing coming this fall called “The Playboy Club” and one Utah station has decided not to air it.  First of many?  People like stading up for their beliefs, especially defending family value, so I would expect places like Abilene and some other midwestern cities to follow suit.
  • Speaking of Playboy, it appears Hef’s fiance has called off the wedding.
  • I think Jessica Simpson and Elle Macpherson are trying to make another version of “Project Runway.”
  • Why did 6 million Americans ditch Facebook in May?
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