Bag of Randomness

  • I fear ToddlerGeeding thinks she’s already a diva.  Gulp.
  • I was very eager to see Scott Pelley host The CBS Evening News, I’m a sucker for first time things and watching ‘television history.’  But as I expected, Pelley has a lot to work on.  His delivery was modest, and the transiting from one story to the other wasn’t very smooth.  I’m rooting for the guy, but I do think he is a better reporter than anchor, just like Dan Rather.
  • Katie Couric, the person that Pelly replaced, announced her career move the day Pelley reached the pentacle of his career.  Could she at least wait another day?
  • Newt Gingrich is running for president but haven’t been seen as of late because he’s on a cruise near Greece.
  • Another reason why I love Jon Stewart, he didn’t even take it easy on his college friend Rep. Weiner.
  • Nightline interviewed one of the ladies that Rep Weiner sent inappropriate pictures to.  She happens to be a Texan, and she was chewing gum during the entire interview.
  • Rule #1 for anyone with a digital camera device – never taking comprising pictures.  Rule #2, see rule #1.
  • I watched the HBO movie Too Big to Fail and really enjoyed it.  There’s one part of the movie that I think really does a good job of dumbing down the entire situation that I think would be good for me to show in some of the finance classes I teach.
  • I’m one of those that likes to use napkins to take the grease off my pizza.
  • If a pizza is cut into squares instead of slices (like for thin crust pizzas), I prefer the corner pieces.
  • BP has a lot of commercials where locals of the Gulp affected by the spill promote the area and say good things about the oil company.  I’m surprised none of them are compensated, per the small text on the commercials.
  • As of late, I can’t tell if Gov Good Hair is setting himself up for a presidential run wants to run the 700 Club.
  • Jack Daniel’s is changing their label, but I doubt you will be able to tell much difference.
  • I found out from a doctor that my body is unable to digest alcohol responsible.  So if you ever want a chubby half-Asian to hang out with to be the designated driver, just give me ring.
  • One of my closest friends when I was at the Harvard of the South (sarcasm) never understood what it meant to hear a calling from God, or anything communication from God for that matter.  I wonder how he would react to this story: Man tries to swim to Statue of Liberty on a ‘mission from God’
  • Earthquake experts, well, rather seismologists, are on trial for manslaughter chargers because they didn’t see an earthquake coming.  Note to self: don’t move to Italy and work in an earthquake related job.
  • MSN has their 2011 Customer Service Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame entries posted.
  • From the Yearbook to the White House: The 2012 Republicans
  • A teenager forgot to mark her Facebook birthday party invitation private, and what happens?  1500 people show up.
  • Marv Albert is going to start covering NFL games again, this time for CBS.  I have no memory of him doing NFL games before.  That is one man that has totally recovered from a sex scandal.
  • A great D-Day infographic
  • Grace
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