Bag of Randomness

  • I almost turned off the TV to watch The Daily Show halfway through that fourth quarter last night.  #gladIdidn’t
  • The Heat got too cocky celebrating during the middle of fourth and let that game slip away.  #didn’tmindonebit
  • I don’t think LeBron or Wade can dunk without screaming.
  • Tyson Chandler and Shawn Marion were the backbone of the team last night.
  • Shawn Marion’s shooting form is the ugliest in the history of the NBA and must be a coach’s nightmare.
  • Jason Terry’s defense on that in-bounds pass was inexcusable.   That may have been the longest half-court inbounds pass in the history of the NBA.
  • I still can’t believe we came back down 15 with six minutes left in the game.  The Mavs really needed some kind of momentum to take home, and that will probably do it.
  • I admit it, I thought the sky was falling after losing game one.
  • I’ve been watching NBA TV to listen to Charles and Kenny, but that Greg Anthony is annoying.  Also annoying, the oversized NBA trophy pins attached to their suits.
  • Kenny said he was at the game but was in the back watching the game in 3D.  So instead of watching the game live, in the arena, in 3D, he went in the back to watch it on a 3D television.
  • Bono was hitchhiking in Vancouver after getting stuck in the rain and just happened to be picked up by an NHL player.  I’ve often heard stories how he will pick up people in Ireland, that’s got to be a big surprise.
  • Leslie Nielsen has a joke on his gravestone.
  • North Korea has their own “Global Happiness Index.”  They humbly ranked themselves second, right behind China and ahead of Cuba and Iran.  The U.S. was ranked dead last.  One Chinese commenter posted an insightful thought, “Please send me to the U.S. so I can suffer, too.”
  • This guy really likes Katy
  • Twumped – twitter users that have recently split up, broken up or been dumped
  • Half off a Bacon Gift Box from Bacon Freak!
  • Is the iCloud really needed? 81 percent of personal iTunes collections never get played
  • Grace
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