Bag of Randomness

  • According to, BabyGeeding is no longer a baby, but a toddler.  So I guess I’m now forced to call her ToddlerGeeding.
  • Yesterday was her actual birthday, and we thought she needed an ice cream cake, but the only available one was a graduation cake.  #wemadedue
  • Yes, she had her Dirk shirt on.  #thanksrichard
  • During the middle of the first quarter a roofing guy knocked on our door saying he was giving free estimates. #badtiming
  • The Heat played “F You” when the Mavs were being introduced. #waytostayclassyMiami
  • The Heat have a terrible, terrible PA guy that acts like a 12-year-old that just discovered the special effects buttons.
  • I’m beginning to know what it feels like to be a Buffalo Bills fan.
  • Maybe Dirk is too preoccupied with his possible engagement.  Just an observation, but the last girlfriend he had was also a woman of color. #downwiththeswirl
  • Gordon Keith of The Ticket replied to one of my emails while he was at the game.  And did anyone notice just how good of seats Corby got?
  • Our shooting last night was horrible, and yet we were kinda still in it towards the end. #holdingouthopebutnotsurewhy
  • Dale Hanson got beer poured him by Miami fans last night during the broadcast after the game.
  • As long as we’ve lived in GeedingManor, the post worker will never put our mailbox flag down after taking any outgoing mail. #frustrating
  • Nothing like walking into your office early morning and finding the temperature is 87 degrees.
  • What’s the rule for how many times you can use a towel before washing it?
  • Disgraced pastor Ted Haggard is going to have a cameo in a sex comedy.
  • I just discovered there’s a Chicago version of Cash Cab.  What’s scary is that the female host looks very much like the male host.
  • I recently discovered that is owned by
  • In case you ever wanted to adopt a retired military working dog.
  • Before and after pictures of young boxers.
  • Politicians on Motorcycles
  • AirRun is an interesting iPhone app that was developed locally.  Basically you state you want something done and people bid on the work.  It can be as weird as asking someone to go get you a Dr Pepper at the gas station or household chores.
  • This website allows you to take private flights for affordable prices using social networking.
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  1. Primo says:

    My little girl is five years old… no longer a toddler or a baby…. but she will always be my little baby, as yours will be to you.

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