Bag of Randomness

  • ToddlerGeeding is so happy with a Mavs Championship that she’s crying, but not as much as I cried last night.
  • I got to watch the game at GeedingManor with WifeGeeding and two of my closest friends – perfect.
  • Ever since the Mavs got bumped in the first round back in 2007 I really lost interest in this team, but I admittedly jumped on the bandwagon starting with game three against the Lakers.
  • Did the Mavs shock the world?  No, but no one really gave this team a shot until they swept the Lakers.  And even when the Finals started, only a few of the pundits gave this team a chance against the Heat.
  • I almost feel like this has been a Disney movie.  The Mavs back in 2006 go up 2-0 against the Heat only to choke and lose the next four and let the Heat celebrate a championship on their home court.  They get knocked out of the first round of the playoffs every years since.  This year they beat, excuse me, swept their Western Conference nemesis Los Angeles Lakers lead by one of the greatest coaches of all time.  And finally they beat the team they denied them a title five years ago, a team of all stars, this time celebrating on their home court.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.
  • A tweet that made me laugh last night said something like . . . Jim Grey has been hired by ESPN to air a special with LeBron called The Implosion.
  • Man, Dirk sure did have a poor shooting night last night.
  • This city has been wanting something to celebrate for a while regarding sports, who knew it was going to be the Mavs to give us the occasion.  And it was nice to see that the American Airlines Center in Dallas be sold out for $5 a seat (donated to charity) with fans watching outside at Victory Plaza.  Dallas is lucky to have a place like that.
  • I guess that Jason Kidd trade worked out after all.
  • Thank you Mark Cuban for buying this team.  This team was so horrid at one time I was hoping it would move to another city, but this guy changed the atmosphere of the team, helped build a brand new arena, and has now brought home a championship to Dallas.  And to be honest, if he didn’t buy the team and turn this franchise around, I would have never put together a church event to attend a game at the American Airlines Center back in 2002 against the Cleveland Cavaliers where I first met the future WifeGeeding.
  • It’s nice to see someone Dirk win a championship for the team he was drafted by, develop, having many ups and downs, have many heart breaking seasons, and stick it out with hard work and belief in the organization leadership to win a title.  It’s the anti-Lebron approach.
  • A special thank you to Don Nelson that helped Dirk develop way back when.
  • It’s been nice seeing the area get behind this team, everything from seeing lawn signs in my neighborhood to cars being decorated.
  • One of the classiest things ever done in the business of sports happened last night when Mark Cuban allowed the Mavericks founding owner, Don Carter, to receive the championship trophy.  It was also nice to see Dirk’s mentor smile from the stands, too bad he couldn’t be part of the celebration on the court.
  • I loved that we got a feed from Dirk’s hometown watching the game and celebrating at 4:00 AM.
  • Brian Cardinal final got a charge called.  It seems like he was Charlie Brown and the refs/Heat were Lucy and that darn football.
  • Who cares if people will remember this Finals more for Miami losing.  Dallas fans don’t care, we are just happy to be hosting a trophy that was earned.
  • Dirk running off the court to the locker room to gain some composure to celebrate was touching.
  • LeBron has to hate Texas teams as he lost in the Finals to both San Antonio and Dallas.
  • The Dallas parade will be the week of June 20?!  Why so long?  Just use the plans from 2006.
  • A nice dark picture of Dirk drinking champagne.
  • I thought it was classless of Wade and LeBron making fun of Dirk’s cough when in the end all they did was choke.
  • I was surprised at the lack of post game coverage by ABC and NBA TV.
  • Not one Fav 5 member has a ring either for college or the pros.  Bill Walton was right, they think they are better than what they actually are.
  • How so folks in Fort Worth celebrate a Mavs championship?  Cowtipping.
  • Michael Jordan’s question for Lebron.
  • BC Headache Powder seems like it has been around for a while, but I’ve never given it a try.
  • Baptist to Jewish Weiner: Christ is the only treatment
  • 4 surprising facts about the color red – Men, wear red.
  • The first Black Batman
  • Did anyone in the Metroplex watch the Tony Awards?
  • Michelle Obama Leaves For Camp David In $29.99 Gap Dress
  • Another tweet that cracked me up: Tomorrow is officially Lebron James day in DFW. Everyone gets to leave work 12 minites early!

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