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  • Something I thought I would never type – The Mavs are one win away from the championship.
  • Out of all the places the Mavs have to play to win one on the road, Miami has the weakest fans, so that works in our favor.  Hey, Barkley even agrees: They got the worst fans, no question. It’s not even loud [in the arena]. You are at the game and are like, “Man, this place aint even loud.” At least when you go to Chicago it is loud in there. It is crazy down in Dallas. It isn’t even loud in Miami’s arena.
  • One thing is for sure about the Heat, they have a very annoying arena announcer or PA guy.
  • I had no idea how much Dwyane Wade overreacts to getting hurt and getting back into the game.  I was found out how he once left a game in a wheel chair and then returned to play in that very same game.
  • I’ve actually enjoyed Jeff Van Gundy’s announcing, in particular how he calls out the Miami players for all the flops they are doing and how it hurts the integrity of the game.
  • Dallas sports teams have broken my heart many a time, so it wouldn’t surprise me if we lose two in a row in Miami, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be hoping for the best.
  • Dirk’s shot is a work of art, just beautiful.
  • It’s about time the Mavs start shooting better.
  • One thing about watching a seven game series, certainly commercials get really old, fast.
  • While watching the Dwyane and LeBron press conference there was something that really stuck out, other than they both have to be together to answer questions all the time.  I noticed both of them came to the table with a single sheet of paper between them, and during the majority of the press conference you see them keep referring to the sheet of paper.  I first noticed it because LeBron was able to spurt out a bunch of stats, but then it looked like both of them kept referring to the sheet of paper because the Heat’s PR team wanted to make sure they stuck to certain talking points.  It kind of reminded me how Mack Brown would over protect his players, and I think it shows weakness.
  • The Rangers in a very touching gesture used their second to last draft pick to select a paralyzed player they’ve been scouting for a while.  I wonder how the last guy drafted by the Rangers feel?  On one hand, you just got drafted to play professional baseball, on the other hand, they picked a paralyzed guy ahead of you.’
  • To be fair, the Astros also drafted a paralyzed player.  If you read the article, you will find that the Texas Rangers director of amateur scouting has a very unfortunate last name.
  • Dwyane Wade writes about being a single father.
  • I was watching a Kobe Bryant highlight reel and you can notice the different stages of his career by not only his jersey number, which changed, but also his hair style.  That got me to thinking about the Jordan highlights that I see with the Bulls.  Except maybe for the first two years, nothing really changed for him visually, and I think that adds to his legacy.
  • Not sure if I really believe this one: Girl gets boob job voucher for her SEVENTH birthday from surgery-addicted mother dubbed The Human Barbie
  • Alberta zoo owner declares his property a church
  • A great picture from space of cities lit up at night
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