Bag of Randomness

  • Jason Terry is a frustrating person to have on your home team.
  • Random Jason Terry stat found on the Mavs website after the game: 31% – Jason Terry’s FG% per 36 minutes when Wade is on court, vs. 60% when Wade is on bench.
  • It’s fun having lots of good friends over to watch your local sports team take you on an emotional roller coaster ride.
  • Dirk played with a fever yesterday and at one point the camera focused on him during a timeout where he looked pretty fatigued.  The pastor in the room who happens to work primarily in hospice care said Dirk looked near death.  WifeGeeding being quick witted stated, “Well, you would know.”
  • I don’t have faith in the Mavericks winning the series, but I’ll certainly root for them all the way.  No matter what, the Heat will not be able to celebrate winning a championship on our court.  That was painful enough back in 2006, seeing the Giants win the World Series on our turf earlier this year, seeing the Devils win on our ice in 2000, and of course seeing the Packers win the botched Super Bowl back in Feb.
  • In that last bullet point I almost used the word ‘cheer’ instead of ‘root’ but thought that wouldn’t sound very masculine.
  • The Heat’s defense has been great, but it seems the Mavs are missing their open shots.
  • The sideline scenery improved from last time.
  • It’s amazing watching professional basketball and seeing just how little players actually backout and follow their shots.
  • Yesterday’s Ripley’s Believe It or Not comic referenced a Granbury coach.  I can’t stand that town.
  • I was reading some senior citizen’s blog and came across a phrase I never heard before, give up the ghost.  I had to look up its meaning and origin.
  • Is that a real dog?
  • The Mexican drug cartels sure do drive some heavily armored vehicles.
  • A former manager, one of the worst I’ve worked for, use to always tell me to “pick my battles.”  As much as I hated that phrase, I guess because it means having to give in or back down, it’s actually great advice.  I thought of her and that phrase when I saw this fascinating art piece.
  • I remember a friends father telling me that a smart man will learn from his mistakes, but a wise man will learn not only from his mistakes but the mistakes of others.
  • I haven’t been to a movie theater in a very long time, but I guess people text during movies and that can be pretty distracting.  It turns out a movie theater kicked a customer out for doing such a thing and she left a very stern voicemail with lots of cursing included.  YouTube
  • It seems almost every city in the area has a decent water park, which makes me wonder how much longer Hurricane Harbor in Arlington will be able to stay open.  I still refer to that place as Wet n Wild from time to time.
  • This is pretty nifty: Find and Adopt a Dog Who Looks Just Like You
  • MIT may have just invented the new car battery of tomorrow.
  • One of the creators of LOST definitely isn’t a fan of January Jones.
  • Abstinence panties?
  • NBC will continue to broadcast the Olympics until 2020.
  • A blog of nothing but pictures of actors with their action figure characters.
  • A 15-year-old girl has been fighting cancer for four years.  Her bucket list is on the right hand side of her blog.
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