High-tech museum to take long, scholarly view of Bible

WASHINGTON — A new multimillion-dollar, high-tech, interactive museum of the Bible was announced Thursday amid 130 artifacts of the Good Book in a private exhibition at the Vatican Embassy.

The exhibit was a sampler of Jewish, Catholic and Protestant treasures from the future museum’s 10,000 manuscripts and texts, one of the world’s largest biblical collections.

Some were as old as pages of the gospel in the Aramaic of Jesus’ time, as political as the only Bible edition ever authorized by the U.S. Congress, as treasured first editions of the majestic King James Version, displayed near the king’s own seal.

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Oh, and if you are are a Baylor fan of any kind, that article might be worth checking out.

That “only Bible edition ever authorized by the U.S. Congress” got my attention . . . I had no idea such a thing has been done.  So if you are curious, here’s some details on that Bible.

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