The word on the street is simple – “church sucks.”

Plastered throughout one city in northern California are signs stating the same message, stirring some controversy among the local residents.

But it’s all part of the plan, according to Stu Streeter, the lead pastor of Disciples Church in Folsom.

Using the slogan as a way to attract those who have stopped attending church, Streeter, along with Adam Adams, his connection ministry director, have teamed up to ironically bring people back into the church, reported El Dorado Hills Telegraph.

“The whole point behind it was twofold,” the pastor told EDHT. “To stir awareness and that we have something to say.”

The message was not targeted towards his congregation, but rather for potential churchgoers.

“You probably saw our signs … and thought ‘What’s Church Sucks?’” the website states. “The sad fact is that sometimes church does suck.”

“It sucks when people are made to feel like outsiders, or when power gets abused. It sucks when leaders don’t serve. When people are selfish, when we give up on people, or when talking trumps listening, church sucks!”

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