Bag of Randomness

  • Monarchies are stupid.
  • Well, unless you’re the monarch.
  • A major reason for the founding of our country was to escape a monarchy, yet we do all we can to be grand spectators.
  • Roger Goodell sure did get a lot of boos when he first walk on stage at the draft, but he sure knew how to turn things around with his little “Are you ready for some football” shout.
  • Wow, the Falcons gave up way too much for Julio Jones, Holmgren and the Browns should be ecstatic getting a total of five picks.  Unfortunately for the Falcons, I’m afraid their are going to see some flashes and a lot of dropped balls.
  • I’ve noticed that Jerry’s grandson is almost in every public camera shot of his grandfather as of late.
  • The Bible Belt got hit with what many consider the most tornadoes hitting an area at one time in history, but so far I haven’t heard any Pat Robertson types saying that area was struck because they lived in sin.
  • For some reason, WFAA sent meteorologist Pete Delkus to Alabama to cover the aftermath of the storm.  How is that local news?  I’m fed up with WFAA as of late with all their technical difficulties, Delkus, Cynthia Izaguirre, Brad Watson and Shelly Slater.  Time for me try out another station, I think I’ll give KTVT a try.
  • A while back, to turn on hazard lights, you had to pull some weird kind of knob just under the steering wheel.  Now, hazard lights are an easily assessable button.
  • Prince William’s full name is William Arthur Philip Louis.  His father’s full name is Charles Philip Arthur George.  His mother’s full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor.  Why they all don’t have the same last name, I don’t know.
  • Laura Logan will speak about her sexual assault on “60 Minutes” this Sunday, it involved about 200-300 men and last about half an hour.  In an interview in the NY Times she credits letters from a Texas high school and fellow reporters at ABC News for emotional support.  Here’s a clip.
  • I like how Michael Scott left “The Office” last night, the handing over of the mic and mouthing his favorite catch phrase.
  • NBC sure didn’t promote anything about Condoleezza Rice’s appearance on “30 Rock”.  Her acting may have not been superb, but the storyline of her and Alec Baldwin breaking up over a text was darn funny.  Heck, that may have been the funniest episode of the season.  Unfortunately this has been a weak season compared to others.
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