Bag of Randomness

  • The White House released the president’s long form birth certificate yesterday.  I was disappointed that the webpage didn’t have this song playing in the background.  Heck, I’m surprised I couldn’t find a parody of that song and Obama anywhere on YouTube.
  • It’s crazy the amount of attention that has went to try to discredit his eligibility to be president – from the swearing in flub to the birth certificate.
  • WifeGeeding read me some comments from FaceBook about what some very strong right wingers think about the president releasing his long form birth certificate, and I was just saddened by the tone and rhetoric (He may be a American but he’s still Muslim.).  The main reason I don’t have a Facebook profile is because most people from my past are very strong in their political views which differ from mine, and they love to express those views nonstop.  I just don’t want to put up with the bickering and them telling me I can’t be a Christian and be a liberal.  I’m totally willing to speak to others about opposing views and learning their insights, but these folks from my past are so abrasiveness I’d just rather avoid them.  Yeah, I know I can block folks and all, but I just don’t even want to get close to that drama.
  • Latest ‘concerns’ about the long form birth certificate.
  • Funniest tweet about Obama’s birth certificate came from Seth MacFarlane.  Actually, it may have come from Rep Anthony Weiner.
  • I’m posting a link that I’m sure 90% of my male readership will either bookmark or add to their RSS feed.  Have you ever watched a commercial and wondered exactly who that very attractive girl in said commercial was?  Well, more than likely, you can find your answer at Who is that hot ad girl?.
  • Petraeus will be on a future presidential ticket.
  • Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin
  • Trump has urged Americans to buy less “crap” from China, even as his own line of suits is manufactured there
  • WFAA’s morning show is on their third male anchor in less than three years.  Rather than finding the right male anchor, I think they should just cut ties with the every annoying Cynthia Izaguirre.
  • It usually takes longer to correct someone who made a mistake than it took to for the person to actually make that mistake.
  • I bet Jessica Simpson has stinky feet.
  • A century worth of royal wedding pictures
  • I wonder what the William and Kate would do if the Queen died the day before the wedding.
  • Kate can do the world a favor and wear that wedding dress that was in the November Rain video.  You guys know what I’m talking about.
  • The BYU football team already has a bowl invitation.
  • I have fond memories of riding with my father and driving to a full service gas station.  The owner of the station was my cousin’s grandparents and always made me feel special.
  • The Daily Best, one of my favorite news websites, has listed the 20 most useless college majors.
  • 9th Annual Build a Well for Bono’s Birthday campaign
  • A picture from the Charlie Sheen show in Dallas last night when he was about 30 late.  This picture makes it look like a sad event.
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